Chris Tree Project

12/5/11 - This Chris tree is up and decorated, and God has blown my mind with what He's done with this idea He gave me back in August. So many of you - from far and near - have blessed me through your thoughtfulness to contribute to this project. Here are the fruits of your generosity...

Ornaments are still coming in! And, so far...the tree has over 170!!!! Can you believe that???? I'm astounded and so excited! I just pray that God gives Chris a glimpse of this from the portals of Heaven! He would be so touched by you all!


This is simply a place that I plan to update my Chris Tree Project to let you know how things are going. I intend to even share some pics as we get further into this and will definitely post a picture of the finished project. If you have no idea what the Chris Tree Project HERE to read all about it first!

I can't tell you how excited I am over this and especially over the participation support I've received from so many of you. I'll keep you posted below, so check back often!

As of 9/12/11 - 27 ornaments received covering various categories on "the list". A fantastic start!!!

As of 10/2/11 - A few pics of some of the ornaments I've received so far...almost up to 40 by the way! Don't worry...I won't show all 40 pics. Ha!

As of 10/19/11 - We've surpassed the 40 mark! I now have 41 ornaments with another 6 on the way that I've been told. And...EACH one has a cool! Here are a few more pics! 

As of 10/25/11 - Just two months until Christmas...we now have 55 ornaments for the Chris Tree!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! More pics below....

As of 10/29/11 - WOW! It's getting so exciting to watch the ornament collection for Chris' tree grow. We are up to 64 ornaments. See pics of the new ones below. :-)

As of 11/07/11 - WOW! It's getting closer! I'm going to go get my Chris tree at a tree farm on the 19th! We're up to 67 ornaments. See pics of the new ones below. :-)

As of 11/09/11 - We've had a jump in ornament numbers (the 12 seashells didn't hurt the count). :-) I'm sooooo giddy and excited to report that we're up to 86 ornaments!!! Unbelievable!!! God is sooooo good!!!!

As of 11/14/11 - I'm going to the tree farm to pick up my Chris Tree this weekend! I'm so, so excited! And...we're up to 96 ornaments!!! God has really blessed me with this project through so many of you!!!

As of 11/18/11 - Tomorrow is the day! We're going to the tree farm to get our two trees: our family tree and our Chris tree! I'm so excited I'm beside myself. I'm not planning to really decorate for Christmas until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I've got a busy week ahead and this is the best time for me to go get the trees. Who knows...the Chris tree might be the first thing decorated this year! And...can you believe it...we're up to 109 ornaments!!! God is blowing my mind!! I love Him so!