Monday, April 26, 2010

Disappointed in me...

Have you ever felt like you're a huge disappointment to everybody? Well...that's me today. I guess I'm stuck in my own little pity part, of sorts, but as a friend reminded me so sweetly..."it's okay to visit...just don't stay for cake." I love that! Anyway, here I am on the day that I pledged to begin my 40 consecutive days of blogging prior to leaving for my African mission trip, and I'm going to have to back down on that blogging commitment. Truthfully, I'm overloaded. I'm overloaded at work. I'm overloaded at home. I'm overloaded mentally, emotionally, and physically. So, rather than take on one more challenge (blog writing everyday for 40 days like I did at the end of last year), I'm going to step back and simply say that I can't do it right now. I owe the sweet Liberian women that I'm soon to meet that much. You see...I'm preparing a message of Christ's love for them, and I need to place my focus there. I need to be spending more time with my precious Savior to ensure that I serve Him in Africa the way that He intends for me to and that I share the message that He's giving me for these women. So, I pray you'll forgive me for backing out of this challenge. I still hope to blog here and there before I leave, but I just can't commit to that much time right now.

I welcome your prayers immensely as I prepare for this amazing trip! My heart is fluttering with excitement over the days ahead. I don't take the honor of being part of this trip lightly. To Him be ALL the Glory!


  1. You shouldn't feel bad about that. What you are skipping blogging to do will last forever in the kingdom of heaven.
    Of course, once you get all your lessons written, you could post them for us... ;)

  2. Leah, Oh my goodness, don't feel bad one bit. EVERYONE will so totally understand where you are at, agree with it, and encourage you to do what you need to! No one will feel like you have let us down...not one ounce.
    I am thrilled for you, and know God is going to use you in a mighty way! Blessings my dear friend...keep your eye on what's important right now. We all love you and are praying for you!