Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reflections on Africa - Part 2

I'm quickly getting acclimated back to my American life after having spent some time in Africa earlier this month. I will say that I'm extremely blessed to live in this country, and I appreciate it now more than ever. To continue my "reflections" on my trip to Liberia...I'll share more excerpts from my journal entries:

Journal Entry - June 8
Today brought Workshop #1 (of 5) at the Love Center, a church about 5-10 minutes down the road from the place where we are staying. The actual church structure was much nicer than I anticipated. We had around 50 women in attendance. But...before going any further, I have to say that Satan tried hard to prevent us from getting there. The van broke down that was to take us there. So, they sent another vehicle after us that completely lost a wheel en route (not a tire - but a wheel). Vehicle #3 finally arrived and off we went! We were greeted by the most beautiful, praise-filled owrship I've ever seen - African style. We quickly fell into rhythm and joined in. The message God gave me for these women went over very well, I felt. The workshop started later and finished earlier than expected, but that's okay. "Go with the flow" is our mantra in Africa! We gave lotioned hand massages to each of the women present, and they were an absolute hit! Probably the best thing we did. The women felt very loved and appreciated and thanked us profusely.

In an effort to hit the highlights of the day, I'll move ahead a little. The evening brought much relaxation and lots of rain! As a matter of fact, we are now on our second day with no water, and we still desperately needed to wash our hair. So - guess what? Yep - you guessed it! We stood out in the rain and lathered up and had a literal rain shower! God is teaching me lots here in Africa!

Journal Entry - June 9
WOW! What a day this has been so far. Today's workshop was incredible. The women were very receptive. The message that Ginger gave on Esther was "spot on". The praise and worship was incredible as always. We have been treated with such love and respect while we've been here. I can't get over God's goodness in allowing me to do this. There have been some bumps in the road along the way, but it's all for God's glory. I remember Lorie praying before I left that I would have a special connection with a Liberian woman. Today - that woman was Mary. I actually met her at yesterday's workshop, and she came back again today. God is really growing me and changing me in ways that I don't even understand yet.

Today brought issues with the phone service - we don't seem to have any. I'm desperately feeling the need to talk to my husband right now (especially since I was unable to yesterday). I'm praying that issue changes - for the better - very soon!

Even though we're working very hard at the workshops, I'm finding that I'm getting more rest down here than I've had in months! I've also needed that very desperately.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Love reading through your trip. Thank you for allowing us to peak into the pages of your journal!