Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hope for the Single Parent

The statistics are heart-wrenching. I know them...I know them too well. As a product of many of those dreadful numbers, due to my own parents' divorce, I am anything but naive about the devastating effects divorce can have on children. So, walking into single parenthood eight years ago sickened me.

Would my daughter simply end up as another one of those statistics? Even well-meaning people made sure I knew what I was heading into. My heart was already broken over the shocking divorce, and now I was being told that my daughter could very well end up a pregnant, high school drop out, drug user, alcohol abuser, co-dependent maladjusted young girl. How's that for encouragement?

But God...

God became my encourager. Each time someone implanted one of those statistics into my mind, yet again, I would just kindly respond, "Yes, sadly I'm aware of what the numbers reveal, but I'm choosing to believe my God is bigger than any statistic." I repeated this over and over and over. I continued to acknowledge the "facts". I wasn't oblivious to them, but I just chose to allow them not to dictate my life as a single parent.

Prayer for my daughter became almost like breathing for me. A day wouldn't pass without my lips offering up prayers of thanksgiving, prayers seeeking wisdom and protection, and BOLD prayers asking that God would let her rise above the statistics, rise above what the numbers "say" about her.

I got a glimpse of God's answer to those prayers this past weekend.

While I know that she is still a teenager...meaning hormonally imbalanced and quick to change her mind...I know that the time spent on my knees during those difficult years of single parenting was not in vain.

This past weekend, my daughter shared with me her sense of God's calling into some sort of ministry it missions, orphan ministry, only God knows those future plans. And...only God can work that out in His perfect timing. She also told me that she has a heart for evangelism and for the "least of these". Whoa! This mama's heart is simply full right now.

Again, I'm not naive. I know that she has a few teen years left to go, but I continue to God is bigger than all the statistics!

I say all this to say...especially to my single parent bloggy friends...

...if you find yourself believing the forecasted numbers regarding your children

...if you find yourself doubting that anything good can ever come out of your single parent status

...if you find yourself believing the worst for your children but hoping for the best

...if you find yourself giving up...

I'm here to give you hope. Don't stop praying for your children, and regardless of what the statistics reveal, just know our God is bigger than all of them!


  1. wow, leah, that is encouraging thank you for sharing. OUr God is definately bigger than any statistic, and loves to do extradinary things out of ordinary people. praying for you and your daughter

  2. Thank you for your post Leah. It is hard being a single parent. For 6-7 years it was just my daughter and me but I am lucky that God allowed me a husband that is wonderful. Even if Terel didn't come in our life I know that God is working in and through Krista and me. She is 9 and loves the Lord. She even teaches me things and holds me accountable. There is hope no matter what the situation. Never cease in praying!

  3. I love those word...."but God"!

  4. Amen Leah! My parents separated in 1969; they were the first to divorce among all of our tough for us kids, but GOD made up the difference.
    Thank you for sharing these encouraging thoughts. Blessings.

  5. I agree; God is not a god of statistics. I work some with the single moms at my church and some of them have raised incredible Godly and responsible children, despite the circumstances.
    God has been answering your prayers and blessing your daughter!

  6. this post and agree with Deborah: but God...powerful! The picture is priceless too!! Well said "mama" :)


  7. praying for your daughter, praying for you and your entire family tonight. Melanie at Bella Mella asked me to pray.