Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Are you sitting down?" You never know what's going to follow that type of question...usually something shocking, devastating, surprising, or incredibly amazing. Well, today I experienced 3 of those four when my friend Lorie called with an update on our upcoming African mission trip. To explain, I need to back up just a bit. As I wrote about earlier this month, I'm leaving June 5 for a mission trip to Liberia with 3 other women. We are planning to lead day workshops for groups of women in that country to share Christ's love and to disciple them in God's Word. Originally, the plan was to do two workshops for around 50 women or so (in each workshop). We planned our supplies around that number. We planned our sessions/teaching around that number. Well, guess what? Our plans are definitely not God's plans. When Lorie called today and asked if I was sitting down, she was calling to relay that registration for these workshops has exploded, and we're now looking to do FIVE workshops of 120 women each, and the media is planning to be there. What in the world????

"Hello God? It's me here. You know - insignificant gal from Western North Carolina that loves you bunches. That's all. Yes, I want to share you with the world, and let these other women see what I see, but seriously? This isn't quite what I bargained for."

Yes, these are the thoughts that have gone through my mind all day long since hearing this news. The only conclusion that I can come to is this (with the help from a few friends): God doesn't want someone who has it all together to share His Good News. His Word is full of nobodys that He used in extraordinary ways simply because they were faithful to His call. He equipped them to do what He asked them to do. And...He only asked them to trust Him and rely on Him. So, I haven't a clue what He's up to, but I'm going along for the ride, and what a ride it will be!

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  1. Girl...you just made this missionary heart smile big time!! I'm so excited for you! Twitter requests for financial and material donations. They can send the funds through the mission agency or sending church...or even the church where you go if they're willing.

    Just a note. If they said 120, plan for at least 150. Things have a way of multiplying on the field...kind of like the fish and loaves, only we're talking lives and souls! AWESOME!!