Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Felt a Draft!

Sunday night services were always some of my favorites at the church I attended when living in Charlotte, NC several years back. You see, I went to a large church and sometimes got lost in the crowd – but never on Sunday nights. The congregation was smaller, and the dress was casual. So in my worn out khaki pants, I proudly marched up to one of the first five rows of the sanctuary and drank in the teaching of my pastor. I stood and sat and stood and sat and fully participated in the hour-long service. This particular Sunday evening, our service ended with us getting into circles and praying together. Going through a very difficult time in my life, I needed the circle prayer more than ever, so I eagerly hopped up from my seat and joined a loving group of people around me. At the conclusion of our prayer time, I began my journey to the other side of the church to pick up my daughter from children’s choir. Somehow along the way, I felt a draft behind me. It was a rather odd feeling, as it seemed to just center in the area right behind my rear. Curiosity struck, and I proceeded to locate a mirror to make sure it wasn’t something on me causing the draft. Locating the mirror, I turned and faced my horror – my worn out khaki plants were split from the top of the seam to the bottom. Oh my – how many people had seen me like that? Not only had I participated in the prayer circle with about 10 people, but I had also been sitting in the front part of the church in front of at least 75-80 other people. I was completely appalled and so embarrassed! I did the best I could to conceal the problem until I could safely get into the confines of my car. Once there, the tears poured. To this day, that has to be one of my most embarrassing moments (perhaps THE most embarrassing)!

Recently, I went on an overnight trip to Pigeon Forge, TN with some girlfriends from church. Somehow, we started sharing stories of our most embarrassing moments, and – you guessed it – I shared that one! As I was telling the story, I couldn’t stop laughing. I was laughing so hard, tears were pouring out of my eyes. Not the same kind of tears from that dreadful evening. The incident happened about 7 years ago, and I know I’ll never forget it. I love to tell that story now, because it brings me such joy – simply because I can’t help but laugh each time I tell it! So, why am I telling you the story now? I’m thinking there is someone out there – like me right now – that just needs a good laugh! There’s no moral to the story (other than don’t wear worn out pants to church)…I’m simply telling it in hopes of bringing a smile to your face this day! Enjoy the laugh – on me!

Job 8:21 “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.”

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  1. Thank you! I did need that laugh! I'm envisioning that evening as I sit here. =D