Wednesday, January 13, 2010



I honestly intended to give you another weekly weight loss update, because I know that many of you are praying for me and helping to hold me accountable. Thank you! But, honestly...I feel like I have no words. I've been reading and reading and reading and watching the news and reading more about the devastation in Haiti following yesterday's earthquake. My weight loss update seems so trivial in comparision to the bigger issues going on right now in Haiti.

My heart is breaking for the Haitian people. The nation was already so terribly broken due to poverty, disease, spiritual depravity, and vial wickedness. We have missionary friends of our Connect Group at church that are living in Jacmel, Haiti - 3 hours south of Port au Prince, and their account of the early hours of the earthquake continue to astound me. Knowing that they were three hours away and experienced what they did makes me shutter to think of those areas closer to the center of the quake. Click here to hear their account of yesterday's events from their location in Haiti.

I feel so helpless from where I sit. Yet...I am still called to do something. I will PRAY for starters. This is one of those times that I truly don't know how to pray. The situation seems so large. But, I also know that my God is larger...he IS in control, and this was NOT a surprise to Him.

So, Lord please pour out your mercy on the people in Haiti. Please stir Americans to respond financially in a way that will blow my mind. Please guide our hearts as we seek your will in how to help!

I'll follow up soon on the weight loss world. Be blessed dear friends!

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