Monday, December 13, 2010

Blogging Beak Over!

Hi Bloggy Friends!

I pray you didn't think I'd abandoned my "blogship"! Honestly, I've gone through a season of B.U.S.Y. like I've not experienced in awhile. Within the past 6 months, I've experienced a mission trip to Africa that continued beyond Africa (see previous blog posts about Baby Grace), a job change, a move, and several health challenges. Whew! But, I'm back and will start posting more regularly again. As a matter of fact, I'll be doing another 40-day consecutive stretch of blogging beginning January 1. So, stay tuned and encourage others to follow along. I love interacting with all of you!

Just a couple of updates about Baby Grace and her family:

1. The surgery was a complete success! She's doing amazingly well! God gets ALL the glory for healing this sweet angel!

2. Her family came to visit my hometown a few weeks ago, and her dad (Pastor David) spoke to our Sunday School class at church. My words cannot even begin to convey the depth of his message. I am forever changed.

3. We celebrated Grace's 1-year birthday while she was visiting. This was the birthday she wasn't "supposed" to live and see. But God.

4. This precious family returned to Liberia this past Saturday! Please pray that their acclimation back into the harsh Liberian life goes smoothly! Please pray that God continues to pour out blessing upon blessing upon this amazing family and the churches they serve! It was so hard to see them return home, but they are eager to continue the work God has given them to do in the location He has chosen to place them.

This family has now become an extension of my own, and I love them with a love that comes from above and is bigger than my heart can conceive. Thank you to so many of you (some I have never even met in the flesh) that have supported Baby Grace and her family financially and/or through prayer! I pray God's blessings rain down upon you for the part you played in this amazing story! To Him be all the glory!


  1. Leah, that picture of you and baby Grace is precious. I have never seen your face so lit up with love. You can see God written all over your face, shining His glory! Wow! What a wonderful way to end my night! Thank you!

  2. Leah, glad you are back. Your life (minus the mission trip) sounds like mine. I've been very hit and miss.

    Praying for you, and looking forward to seeing more of you!!

    Blessings my bloggy friend!

  3. Thank you for sharing about Baby Grace! I am blessed for having the privilege of praying for this precious baby! She is God's Grace!

  4. Was great to meet you at Kathy's the other night! I went home feeling better having met you! Thanks for sharing all the stories that just reiterated to me how awesome our God is! Looking forward to reading your blog! Paige Heatherly