Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review - in Pics...

Well, there's just a little bit of time left in 2010 (a matter of minutes actually), but what an incredibly full year it's been. Yesterday, I reflected in words. Today, in pictures!

Becky and Dale's New Year's Day Wedding!

Anna and Alyse at the Melting Pot in Greenville, SC - Anna's 13th birthday dinner!

With Kandi, Suzanne, and Becky at Scrap Camp!

A quick Myrtle Beach getaway weekend for Chris and me!

Lunch in Savannah on our way to Florida with my LLMI co-workers!

Strawberry picking with the Hampson family!

Mission Trip to Liberia, Africa!

Another new friend in Liberia.

Speaking in Africa.

The rest of our Liberian mission team: Frankie and Ginger!

She Speaks Conference with Lorie Newman!

Tubing fun on Lake James!

Goofing off with Anna at Hungry Mother State Park!

Mary Kay Fall Blast Off Retreat!

My husband, Chris, excited to be apple picking!

A spontaneous weekend trip to Pittsburgh for dinner with my hubby! This is our view from Monterey Bay Fish Grotto!

Reuniting with Liberian Baby Grace the night before her surgery at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN!

Surgery Day - Vanderbilt Hospital! Posing with Baby Grace's parents, aunt & uncle.

Baby Grace, with Anna, post surgery.

Anna getting ready for the semi-formal dinner at the girl's Wisdom Conference at our church (and goofing off a little too!).

We love volunteering for our church's Hoopla! each Halloween.
(Anna really is happy. The sun's just in her eyes. Hee hee!)

We were happy to celebrate with the Toth family as they brought home their newly adopted China doll - Collins! (This is Collins and her new mommy, Jill.)

Kelly and I celebrating Lorie's miracle conception at her baby shower!

Baby Grace and her parents visit our church in Western NC before returning to Africa a few short weeks later.

Thanksgiving with the Newman family during our moving weekend!

Christmas with the Hampson's! Loads of fun and picture taking as always!

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  1. I love this! What a full and wonderful year you have had! It's amazing that in this day and time we can literally look back and see our blessings!