Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Ready...

Hi Blog Friends...

As promised in a previous blog, I'm preparing for another 40 day stretch of consecutive blogging! Woohoo! The thought of it exhilarates me and nauseates me at the same time. It exhilarates me, because the only other time I've done this (the last 40 days of 2009) resulted in some of the most amazing blogging experiences I've had to date. It resulted in new followers that became new friends. It resulted in writing discipline for me. Most importantly, it resulted in sweeter fellowship with my Savior.

On the other hand, it was nauseating. It nauseated me for fear of letting you, my readers and bloggy friends, down. It nauseated me to think that I might run out of blog posts to write. It nauseated me to think you might just get plumb blored with reading my posts. Simply put, the pressure of the challenge I put upon myself was too much at times.

That said, I'm doing it again. Crazy as it sounds...the good far outweighed the bad in my last consecutive 40 day blog challenge. So, if you dare...hop along on this journey with me. The 40 days officially begin on Saturday, January 1! I would still commit to this journey even if I were the only one reading my posts, but it's oh so much more fun having you along to chat with. To make it more of a community, I invite you to plug in via any or all of the following ways:

1) Become a follower! Click the little follower tab to the right and follow the instructions.
2) Leave a comment on a post (see comments link at the bottom of each post).
3) Follow me on Facebook! Click on my Facebook badge to the right or search for me by name: Leah Slack Gillen.
4) Follow me on Twitter: @LeahSGillen
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Now, there's no excuse not to find me somewhere! Ha! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE connecting with you!

To give you a little heads up about something I'm personally participating in and incorporating into my blog this year, check out Beth Moore's post HERE. This will be my first post of the 40 day blog challenge. I participated on the Siesta Scripture Memory Team in 2009 and was not only challenged but extraordinarily blessed! Friends, with everything in me, I challenge you do this with me this year. You don't have to officially participate via Beth Moore's site if you don't want to, but I'll be offering the same comment accountability via my site. It's not only important to hide God's Word in our hearts through the discipline of's vital! If we want to live vibrant, effective, joy-filled, strengthened, authentic lives of faith, then we must know God's Word. To know God's Word means we need to read it, hear it, meditate on it, memorize it, and live it! Will you join me for this challenge? Again, check out the "instructions" via Beth's post HERE. Get ready, get set, and we'll GO on January 1!

Be blessed!

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