Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Bloggy friends...

I'm still here! I promise. I hope you haven't left me forever due to my rare and sporadic postings since ending my last 40-day consecutive blog writing journey. I was just thinking yesterday that maybe I ought to do another one since I can't seem to be consistent without that type of accountability. Ugh.

So what's my problem? Honestly? I've got soooo much floating about in my cluttered mind that I want to share with you but can't seem to form complete sentences or sensible thoughts out of it. Seriously. God has been showing me some amazing things lately and revealing more and more of Himself, as I continually seek Him and sit at His throne. But, when it comes to actually sitting down and writing about it...I got nothin'. For the wordsmith in me, that's a serious issue, my friends.

So....until I have more to share, I thought I'd just give you a brief update on "what's happening" in Leah's little world:

--I'm still trucking along with my weight loss journey. I've surpassed the 30 pound mark and working my way towards 40 pounds lost. I want to hit that before the 5K.
--Speaking of the 5K (my first), it's coming up...May 7! I'm still moving along in my training. I had a few setbacks, but God brought me through them, and He's carrying me all the way to completion that day. I truly believe that!
--I spoke at a ladies' retreat in Kentucky at the beginning of March and had a blast! God blessed me abundantly through the work He accomplished that day. I continue to walk through the doors that He opens to share the glory stories that He's given me!
--We're hosting a group of about ten 8th grade girls in our home this weekend for our church's annual Disciple Now event for students (6th-12th grade). It's sure to be an exciting weekend, and the event ends Sunday evening with a concert by none other than...THE TobyMac!

Those are just a few of the highlights. I'll try to meet up with you more regularly here, because it really is a place I like to come to often. I love the blog connections I've discovered...the new friends I've made here...the people I've "met" that I get to do life with. I just want to have something to offer. Thanks for being patient...

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  1. Sending hugs! Congrats on what you have accomplished in weight loss! I know it is not easy but not impossible. (Need to follow my own words!) 1 step at a time! Keep up the training for you have several rooting for you on the 5k! Maybe one day I can join you if He allows. Have a great weekend! I listened to TobyMac for the first time the other day and I like!