Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I See You...I Miss You

I see you everywhere.

-I see you in pictures all over the house.
-I see you in ornaments hanging on the tree.
-I see you in the deer that leap across my path in the early evening hours or the wee hours of the morning.
-I see you on the couch sitting beside me as we watch our favorite Christmas movies together.
-I see you in the kitchen whipping up batches of yummy goodies.
-I see you in your sister’s crystal blue eyes – your eyes.
-I see you in “our spot” in church sitting right beside me.
-I see you in the bathroom using your sink to get ready in the mornings.
-I see you decorating a gingerbread house with Anna like you do every December.
-I see you kissing me goodbye as you leave for work each morning.
-I see you putting out the trash every Monday night.
-I see you helping your mother hang a new light fixture.
-I see you giving announcements in our Connect Group.
-I see you baking cookies to take to the Christmas program outreach night at church.
-I see you saying “I do” to me with a smile on your face, quivering voice, and tears forming in your eyes.
-I see you in the memories that continually flood my mind.

And yet…I don’t see you at all. I miss you Chris…from the depths of my being …I miss you!


  1. Oh honey...what a beautiful tribute to your Chris. I love your dear, dear heart.

  2. Such a beautiful note. Jesus has got you with both hands. His grip is tightest. You are so very brave. Praying.

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  4. The <3 didn't show up as the heart...so:

    I heart you! :~)