Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Laid Plans know what they say about "best laid plans"? My intentions of blogging Monday through Friday have, well...let's just say been challenged a bit this past week.

I faced another grief tidal wave last week. Now, 7+ months into this new life as a widow, I still struggle to know how to battle those giant, pounding mounds of grief water that tend to shatter me...for a day, or two, or three... I've learned enough about grief to know that there is no "magic" formula to its ending, there is no timetable to follow, and honestly - there is no end to it.

Yes, there will be an end to some parts of this journey, but memories of my precious husband will never, ever leave me. God gave me such a gift in him and in our marriage! I was blessed indeed, and for that I will continue to give thanks and yet grieve that which I no longer have until the day God calls me to the land of Glory!

Just as the tidal wave started to pass, a new wave arrived! This time - one of physical sickness. Within three hours, I went from laughing with the sweet ladies I teach every Sunday morning, while we enjoyed our Christmas potluck luncheon...

Connect Group Christmas Potluck Luncheon & Ornament Exchange
to feeling like this...

No - this isn't me. My picture would look much worse!
I've literally been rendered pretty helpless right now. Fever, body aches, chills, headache, upset stomach, nausea, you name seems to have temporarily taken over my body. My plans of having a productive Sunday afternoon and evening yesterday abruptly changed.

We have company coming this weekend, and I still have cleaning to do, grocery shopping that needs to be tackled, Christmas shopping to do, and the list goes on... But, interestingly enough, I can't do any of it now, because my body won't let me. I've slept about 19 of the last 24 hours, and even that doesn't seem to be enough. So, for now, I succumb to this "bug" that seems to have invaded my space. And, I pray that it leaves QUICKLY!!!

Interestingly enough, this reminds me of another time - the first week of May, 2011. Life was busy, as usual, and I was puttering along through it as I always do until I realized my husband was missing and then later gone. Quite abruptly, my "plans" changed, and nothing else seemed to matter except trying to cope and exist through those first days and weeks of widowhood. 

A "planner" by nature, God has really had to work on me in that area. It's so easy for me to have everything all mapped out and then when something doesn't go as planned, I unravel a bit. But, as only God could ordain, part of that planner in me has also changed. I'm still very much Type A, but I've learned that my best laid plans can be snuffed out at a moment's notice. And so...I have to leave my plans in His hands! His plans for me are the best anyway (no matter how crazy that may appear at times). Therefore, I lay even my plans at His altar, as my act of worship this day!

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it's the LORD's purpose that prevails. ~Proverbs 19:21


  1. Please let me know if I can shop for you or clean for you or do ANYTHING for you. I AM already praying! :-)

  2. Hope you feel better soon, and that you'll continue to take the waves of grief in stride. What would be really sad would be if we didn't grieve the loss of our husbands, right? sending out love and prayers for you.

  3. I"m so sorry you're sick. I wish I lived closer so I could help, but I will be praying for you!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time, both emotionally and physically! Praying for you now, knowing the Lord will carry you through this painful time. Looking forward to your future posts when you are well enough to share your life once again.
    Hugs, Renee'