Monday, May 25, 2009

Blessing Box...

Several years ago, I went through a painful separation and divorce. While it was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I had to go through to date, it was also the most liberating in terms of my walk with the Lord. Prior to that time, my relationship with the Lord was convenient - for me, that is. Sure, I would go to church each Sunday, and I would pray occasionally when I needed something or on behalf of someone else. I had what I heard someone once describe as "accessory faith". Kind of like an earring, I would put it on when I needed to, but it was also very easy to remove. However, the end of my marriage changed that accessory faith to what this person called "necessity faith". It was no longer something that I would lean on once in while - this kind of faith became my lifeline. I couldn't function with God...I was totally helpless in my own skin. I cried out to Him about everything. I also found it difficult to think about anything good going on my life, because the darkness was too thick. But...then came the Blessing Box. It really started out as a Blessing Envelope. Whenever I received a kind card or note - it went in the blessing envelope. If someone sent me money or gift cards to help during these difficult financial days, I would record the blessing on an index card and put it in the envelope. ANYTHING that was "blessing oriented" went into the envelope. Eventually, the envelope was too small, and I moved the contents into a box. I decided to return to the box (or envelope, initially) whenever I would fall into a slump or start feeling sorry for myself. The reminders that I had saved always pulled me out of that temporary turmoil. Now, many years later, I still have the box. I still put records of blessings into it, and I still use it as a pick-me-up whenever life gets tough, and I need encouragement. So, if you are drowning in hopelessness or are simply down and can't see light, I challenge you to begin a Blessing Box of your own. Start recording those blessings - no matter how small - and watch them multiply! You might find life is amazingly better and far more blessed than you could ever believe!


  1. Thanks Carol! Did you recognize the "accessory/necessity faith" part? I learned that from you, and I love that description!