Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In parenting my daughter, I often wonder if she "gets it". In other words, do all those things that I try to teach her ever sink in...will she understand why I try to instill the values that I do...will she wonder why I'm strict in some areas, passive in others, and unwavering in a select group? I realize that I may never get to see the results of my parenting in certain areas until she is an adult herself one day. But...God gave me a glimpse that she DOES understand one thing: DEBT is not supposed to be normal. She shared with me a clip of a conversation she had with her 12-year-old cousin on Sunday. It goes something like this...

Cousin: "Everybody has to go into debt at some point."

Anna: "No they don't."

Cousin: "Yes, they do. Like...if you're going to buy a new boat, you get a loan to buy the boat and pay it back later."

Anna: "No, you wait until you've saved up the money to the buy the boat and then you get the boat."

Cousin: "Hmmm...that makes sense. How did you know that?"

Anna: "My mom and step-dad listen to Dave Ramsey all the time, and they tell me all the time to never get into debt."

YES!!!!!!! She gets it!!!!

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