Friday, October 30, 2009

List #14

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so thankful the weekend is here. This week seemed long to about you? Anyway...Friday brings another one of my lists. I noticed that not too long ago, I blogged a list of fun memories. Well, I'm doing that again today, but I've gone even further back in the memory bank for these. My ten fun memories this year are from my childhood days. Writing each one down brought a smile to my face as I relived the moment. Those days were anything but normal - quite dysfunctional actually. But, there were still the "good times", and those are the times that I like and choose to focus on. How about you? Anything from childhood that brings a smile to your face even today? I'd love to hear about it! Be blessed today friends!

Fun childhood memories:
1. Going to watch the Star Wars premier at the drive-in with my family and our neighbors in the back of a station wagon. Popcorn was everywhere!!!
2. Getting ice cream some days after school at “Dori’s Dario” with my dad and siblings.
3. Driving to my grandparent’s house in Kansas and trying to find a license plate tag representing all 50 states (never did see Hawaii).
4. Studying dinosaurs in Kindergarten. To this day, that is the only thing I remember learning in Kindergarten.
5. Attending my first concert with an attorney my mom worked for and his daughters - the GoGo’s. Does anyone even remember them? (Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer.)
6. Going to Disneyworld!!!!
7. Riding a ride with my dad at Worlds of Fun in Kansas that didn’t quite “work out” for him. Long story to this one, but trust me - it is definitely a fun memory!!! Hillarious actually!!! Maybe I’ll share more sometime!!! I’m actually cracking up again thinking about it. Anyway…moving right along…
8. Waking up to mom’s homemade biscuits on an occasional Saturday morning. She claimed it was the original Hardee’s biscuit recipe. Who knows? But…they were delish!
9. Participating in the District Spelling Bee in 4th grade but losing because I couldn’t spell lieutenant. I’ll never forget how to spell it now!
10. Pushing my infant sister around in my doll carriage - until I got caught, that is.

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