Monday, October 19, 2009

Hiatus Over!

WOW! It feels so good to be back in blogger world. I intentionally took some time away from my blog writing to "be still" and try to listen to God a little better. Do you know how hard that is to do when life is full of crises...sprained ankles...heavy prayer for friends/family...Twitter...reading...blogging...and JESUS!?!? You see how I listed Jesus last in that little list? Well, sadly, I need to be a little transparent and admit that I feel that's where I had been placing Him in my own life. My daily devotional time had been a little dry, because I would simply read the Word but not absorb it. My mind would be scattered with all of the other daily distractions clammering for my attention. My prayer time seemed uneventful and rather rote until a friend would call in a dire need of prayer, and then I would rush to my knees in intercession. My own "dead" time of prayer had hit hard the girl (me) that is passionate about prayer and KNOWS and has SEEN prayer work in powerful ways.

So, how could I let this happen? It wasn't an overnight event. It happened gradually. First of all, I knew that God was doing another NEW work in me. Things were changing inside me in a way that made me fall more and more in love with Him each day. He was revealing more of His purpose for me in this world, and I got excited! However...just as this was happening, Satan was kicking his attacks up a knotch on me. He didn't like to see the changes taking place within me, so the fiery darts were launched, and I missed some but got hit square in the heart by others. Yes, folks, he is a very real enemy. Just try living in a way that pleases God for any length of time, and you will have an unwelcome "visitor" show up for sure!

Thankfully, through the power that only the Holy Spirit of God can provide...he opened my eyes to what was happening and demanded that I step away from some things to hear from Him more clearly. I obeyed, and He delivered! I'm certainly not at a perfect place (and never will be), but I'm re-focused and anxious to walk hand-in-hand with Him as He continues to shape me to be the woman He's called me to be.

Thank you for your support during this time away. I appreciate the prayers more than you know. I'm happy to be able to continue this life journey with you in "blog world" again. Be blessed!

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