Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Kiss from Heaven

I shared on a previous blog how I went back last week to the site where my husband took his own life back in May. You can read more about that visit by clicking here.

My daughter has also been asking to go there as well. She felt that seeing it with her own eyes would help with some closure (like mother, like daughter). So, this afternoon, we took off towards the dense woods with a couple of friends to revisit what has become a rather sacred place to me.

This time, I spent some time really up close and personal checking out greater details of the area...

The stream behind the campsite...

The tree with a "Y" shape, much like my own question (Why?)...

The spot where my husband took his last breath...

After about 30 minutes, we decided to head back to the car to prepare to leave. One of the ladies in the group picked up a couple of stones from the area as a keepsake, of sorts. She called them her "Chris stones". Well, of course, we had to follow the rest of us headed back down to the campsite to search for our own Chris stones.

Being at the tail end of the group, my friend directly in front of me bent down and picked up a stone and said, "I've found your stone." I looked at her questioningly, but she told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand.

I obeyed.

And, in my hand, she placed this...

Another kiss from heaven...


  1. wow.. found your blog through the she speaks facebook page.. what a powerful blog site.. thanks for encouraging my heart. praying for you.
    Jenn Hand

  2. Amazing!!!!! God always knows when we are in NEED for loving from HIM..

  3. Your Faith and Strength are amazing! I consider it a privilege to walk beside you, as you walk this Life Long Journey Called: Grief!
    God is using you in a miraculous manor and you are touching lives and changing hearts across the world!!! Standing Strong: You always have and always will! ILY!

  4. Oh my goodness. How precious. I am glad we serve a God who meets needs we didn't even know we had. How truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I am sure you'll have that with you next week as a symbol of WHERE your strength comes from THE ROCK of Ages and upon whom you stand CHRIST THE SOLID ROCK. Hugs sweet lady!

  5. Wow thats so awesome!!! Another kiss for you, so precious!