Friday, September 16, 2011

Today...I Am Joyful!

Today…I am joyful. Each day I try to choose joy, but even in the choosing…I don’t often “feel it”. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there, nestled into the very cells of my being, but lately I’ve been unable to reach into the depths of me to find it.

Today is different. Today…I am joyful. Today…I am joy-filled. Why? Simply, because…

1. I KNOW I have a Father in Heaven that is closer to me than the air I breathe.

2. I KNOW I am loved by my Abba Father unconditionally.

3. I KNOW God’s plans for me are perfect.

4. I KNOW this world is not my home.

5. I KNOW, beyond all doubt, I will be spending eternity with the God I love and many other loved ones that have preceded me into glory, especially my sweet Chris.

6. I KNOW regardless of the trials and persecutions I’m asked to endure on this earth, it represents only a smidgen of time in the grand design of all eternity.

7. I KNOW God has a purpose for me…it’s why I’m still here.

8. I KNOW there are so many more people on this earth that have yet to really know, and I mean REALLY KNOW, the Good News of God’s grace, and He’s asked me to tell them.

9. I KNOW the news needs to be continually spread about God’s command (not suggestion) to care for the orphan and widow, and as a new widow and one compassionate about orphans…who better to share that news?

10. I KNOW God has me in the palm of His hand.

11. I KNOW God catches every tear I cry.

12. I KNOW God is good…all the time!

My heart is not only broken….it’s completely shattered…but, I cling to what I KNOW about my sweet Savior, as He continues to heal me.


  1. So many beautiful truths, Leah! Knowing Him makes all the difference in the world. Happy Friday!