Monday, January 2, 2012

The Answer

I'm not sure where to start after my last post. That was a painful one to write, but it came in the midst of a very painful season of my grief journey.

One thing I've strived to do throughout this process is be as transparent as I feel safe in doing, because I want people to know what this feels like for three main reasons:

(1) I want other women that have found themselves walking Grief Road as a widow to know that they're not alone...that God allows us to comfort each other with the comfort He also has given us. We are at varying phases of the journey, and our journeys are certainly not the same. Each Grief Road is like a snowflake, in my opinion. No two are the same, yet there are enough similarities that they are relatable.

(2) In the case that someone reading this might have ever contemplated suicide, I pray the pain and the "after effects" of making such a final decision stay clearly in the front of their mind, causing that to never take place. I want hurting people to read my words or watch my Vlogs and see the pain it causes those left behind and maybe...just will be enough to say "it's not worth it".

(3) I pray that the body of Christ that hasn't ever been affected by death first-hand, or in a long time, learns how badly the population of widows needs you. The Lord, in His Word, is VERY clear about how much He cares for orphans and widows and the mandate He gives in caring for them. I am the first to admit, I was much happier to jump on the orphan advocacy "train" before colliding with the widow train head on. But, God never differentiated between the two saying one was more important to care for than the other. We've made that differentiation on our own. I hate to admit...I was in that group. So, I pray that my posts help to awaken a need...a deep need in the church. I have been blessed to be cared for by several in my church body quite well, but I know how easy it is to dismiss widows, in general.

Even saying all of that, there is still much I don't share. It's too personal. It's too painful. I don't believe it will edify anybody if I write it on this format., I don't. The snippets of this journey that I share on this platform are just that...snippets. Oh, friends, there is so much more. So, very much more. In time, maybe God will allow me to share more.

So, where am I now? Tomorrow marks eight months since my husband was first discovered as missing. Eight months since my living nightmare began. And, in eight months, I'm still deeply hurting, questioning, and aching. But, I've also seen Christ reach down and meet me where I'm at, pull me out of the mire, refresh my weary soul, and begin a process of restoration. A slow beginning, but a beginning nonetheless. I let Him. I have been quieter than normal, because I'm listening a lot more.

There are still many firsts ahead to first birthday without him later this month (turning 40, on top of that), Valentine's Day, Easter, the first anniversary of his death, and those are just the major ones. But, I'm still trusting in God's greater plan through all of this.

Just last weekend, I challenged Him with a that I hadn't asked of the Lord before, but I finally did...

Lord, why didn't You stop him? You could have. I know You could have. Why did You let him take his own life? I know we have free will and all, but he loved You. You would have only had to whisper a word, and he would still be in my arms today. So, what is it Lord that kept that from happening? Why is he with You now instead of with me?

The answer came...immediately...

It was one of those moments I wish I could have back, because I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there. I was sitting in my recliner in the bedroom...SOBBING...crying out to the Lord...begging for answers. Right after asking the questions...a calming peace swept over me like I've never experienced. In. My. Life. Seriously! And then came the inaudible answer...

Because, I will be more glorified in his death than in his life. 

The sobbing stopped. Immediately. I was simply stunned, as I sat there. And, then I knew. He was right! He's always right! He's God! I pondered back to many other people that even predeceased Chris. Others that died too young or in ways that seemed unfair. And, each time God appears to have been way more glorified in their deaths.

May it be so, Lord! May it please be so!


  1. Praying that during this new year, you will experience God like never before & that He would fill you with His joy, peace, comfort & purpose. Don't you love those words? He is ALL those things & more. I'm continuing to lift you up. :~)

  2. Praying for you sweet lady!


  3. Praying for you. There are parts of our grief road that we do have to experience alone with only our heavenly daddy. It can be so very exhausting. One second at a time for as long as it takes. Our girls and I pray for you and your daughter every morning before school.

  4. Thank you for your comments sweet ladies! Most importantly, thank you for your prayers!!!! I treasure knowing that I'm being prayed for more than you can possibly imagine! Be most blessed!


  5. Leah, it struck me as I was reading your post, that you too, have two dates to get through each month/year (I'm still on the monthly basis). My husband attempted his suicide on 9/19... I found him and paramedics were able to get a pulse. He stayed alive in the ICU until we removed the breathing tube on 9/25. I don't know which date should "count". I'm angry that I have two anniversaries to get through, yet I'm thankful I, along with friends and family, had time to say good-bye. Although, I truly believe he went Home on the 19th. Thank you for listening and understanding.

  6. Leah,
    I know you are in deep pain as you go through your many "firsts". They are so hard, but the Lord is so faithful to walk through the deep waters of grief with us. Thank you so much for sharing how the Lord answered your most recent "why" question! It is always such a blessing to hear about how personal the Lord can be with us at times! I love that!!! I too have heard that inaudible voice and it makes my journey so much easier and doable just knowing He is there and cares enough to let us know!

    You need to know you are doing amazingly well in this early part of your widowhood! It will get better and easier, because you are trusting the Only One , Who can restore you, in His time. My heart goes out to you as you share your story with us. Prayers for you, my new friend!