Friday, June 26, 2009

Missed Blessing...

Often when I'm studying God's Word, I'll have an "aha moment" over a passage that I've read several times in the past. I love the fact that I'm constantly gleaning new wisdom, revelation, insight, knowledge and depth into God's Word each time I seek to know Him more. Just yesterday, I was studying in chapter 20 of the book of Numbers. This happens to be the passage where Moses disobeys God, thereby causing him to lose the blessing of being able to lead the Israelites into the promised land. One simple act of disobedience led to Moses missing one of God's greatest blessings. WOW! How many blessings have I already missed from disobeying God? I shutter to think of the multitude. God WILL fulfill His purpose with or without me, just like He fulfilled His promise using Joshua to eventually lead the Israelites into the land of milk and honey rather than Moses. However, I would rather be one that God uses to fulfill his purpose.

Lord God, please forgive my acts of disobedience. Please help me to walk daily in your will. Allow me to receive ALL of the blessings you have ready to pour down upon me. I love you Lord!

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