Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brief hiatus...

I think I need to explain why I haven't been blogging much lately, but the trouble is...I have no really good explanation. I just feel rather dried up and feel the time has come to take a brief hiatus and regroup. Think of it as a mini-vacation. I just don't know how long I'll be gone - maybe a week, maybe a month - I'm waiting on God to refreshen me.

As I was leading a staff devotion this morning at work, the subject came up of taking the time to be still and simply listen in order to be ready to act whenever God calls us. I think I need to do just that! I'm ready to act - in whatever capacity He calls me - but, I haven't been that great at being still lately. I've been too much of a busybody.

So, don't give up on me - I'll be back soon. I love all of you and cherish your comments, Facebook messages, and tweets on Twitter - emails too! I am most blessed to have such a great group of friends - some of whom I've never even met! I will continue to read up on my fellow blogger's blogs, and I won't stop praying for you. Until next time...

Be blessed!!!

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  1. Hey, Leah! Thanks for joining my followers' list on my blog! Come by anytime! Enjoy your mini vacation! God will let you know when to start blogging again!