Saturday, March 20, 2010

Burning those Blues Away!

Good Saturday morning! Another weekend is here already! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was packing for a quick little beach getaway with my hubby, but it was actually a week ago yesterday! We had a wonderful weekend full of relaxation and fun and left all of the stresses at home! The beach is literally my small piece of heaven while on earth.

We were only home less than 24 hours, and life kicked back an ugly sort of way. It's been a very tough week for me in many respects, but it seems to have captured me emotionally in ways that I don't like. I felt as if I was losing control...rapidly! Amazingly, I kept up with my quiet time each day in prayer and God's Word. I can't imagine how much harder the week would have been without it. By Thursday, however, I was spent! I prayed that God would grant me rest and relief. He did both! I was able to leave work a little early that day and take an extended nap that I needed desperately! I woke up...shared dinner with the family...then, we all headed to the local gym for an evening workout! This was my first in several weeks, I'm sad to admit. It felt so good that I went back again last night! The endorphines kicked in, and I could really feel that I was burnin' those blues away (and hopefully some fat too!).

Thanks for the prayers blog friends! I know many of you have been praying for me through these difficult days. Please know how much those prayers have meant! You are so important to me!

Now...just a couple brief things to share:

1. Guess what arrived yesterday? MY PASSPORT!!! My very first passport! I'm so excited! I needed this in order to go to Liberia in June on my first mission trip! Exciting days ahead, and I'll share more about that trip in a future blog.

2. I want to encourage those of you that have participated in the Scripture Memory Verse challenge this week but have "fallen off the wagon" so to speak to GET BACK ON!!! It's not too late. April 1 is right around the corner. Right before Easter would be a perfect time to kick it back into gear. I also know that some of you were planning to join me a little later in the year, well guess's later in the year! We want you part of this little - but power-filled - team!!!

3. For those of you that were around for my 40 day consecutive blog writing challenge at the end of 2009...another one is on the way, so be watching! It will start before summer! More details to come...

4. I loved doing a birthday giveaway so much back in January that I plan to do another (obviously not for my birthday this time)...just not sure when yet, but be watching!

OK - that's all for now friends! Have a blessed weekend!!!


  1. Ahhh...reality of life. Glad you got away to the beach for awhile.
    Thanks for sharing...will pray for your weekend to revive you for the challenges that come up next week.

  2. Oh, I could use a beach right about now... the relaxing sounds and the salty air. Nice. I am stuck in Illinois with mud and rain. Wanna trade??? lol