Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giveaway Alert (no - not mine)!

Good morning bloggy friends!

For those of you that are motivated by giveaways, I wanted to give you a heads up about a month-long giveaway taking place at April Showers. I "happened upon" her blog via another blog that I follow (hint...hint...OSCBB) and LOVE what she does over there. You really should check it out - regardless of the fact that prizes are involved, but who doesn't like winning a prize?! Click HERE to read more:

A reminder to my scripture memory verse followers: tomorrow is April 1, so be ready to post your next memory verse! Until then...

Have a most blessed day!


  1. That girl makes me laugh so hard. She is a fantastic blog designer, too. (Mine looks all cool. The suthor, however, is NOT as cool as her blog looks... ;)

    BTW- I love your above post about Easter. I'm only leaving one comment tonight because I have to go to bed EVENTUALLY, but I wanted to get caught up on you for sure!

    Love you, Leah!

  2. Apparently I need to go to bed sooner than I thought! I meant AUTHOR. My fingers are getting sleepy and tired. :)