Thursday, August 25, 2011

New ministry I’m excited to share with you!

Hi friends! I’m taking a timeout from my usual blogging (lately all about my grief journey) to share with you something that I’m so excited about and very passionate about…DIY Ministry. You may have seen the new header (look above right under my blog title) or the new button to the right under the She Speaks Graduate button. Either of these links will take you to DIY Ministry created by sweet and mega-talented friends of mine for the sheer purpose of aiding others in the technological “issues” of ministry. Oh…how I need that!!!

To share in their own words…

“Ministries expanding into online platforms is a growing concept and it is catching on at an alarming rate. Thousands of people log on to social networking sites, write or read blogs, and participate in forums on a daily basis. They enjoy being a part of an encouraging and uplifting group of Christians but some long to do more. They long to lead. The problem is that they don’t know how. We intend to help remedy that problem.”

Maybe you’re a blog writer that really wants to do more with your blog and simply don’t know where to start. Or…maybe you’re a devoted blog reader that simply longs to have a blog of your own but are completely overwhelmed by all of the options that you keep running into. That’s one of the many reasons DIY Ministry exists. I really encourage you to take time to browse their website and see for yourself. But…in a nutshell…here are just a few of the services they provide:

Articles & Tutorials
Website Training
Personalized Help
Web Presence Assessment
Live Online Workshops
Wordpress Tutorial Videos (which are AMAZING by the way!!!)
Content Specific eBooks

I personally love the Wordpress videos!!! I can’t stress that enough! Speaking of Wordpress…

Just a little heads up about the things to come with my own personal blog…it’s moving to Wordpress in the near future! I can’t tell you how jubilant I am about this, and it can’t come quickly enough for me! As a result, DIY Ministry is becoming a resource that I find I can’t live without. Stay tuned for updates about my new website in the weeks ahead, but just know that I’ll also be moving to That’ll be a lot shorter to remember than the current name of this site. Ha! Ha!

Be blessed blog friends & prayer warriors!


  1. I'm learning with DIY Ministry too! I'm currently on, but will be moving to shortly - thanks to Amy and Lisa!

  2. I just payed for the DIY Ministry yearly membership this morning but I have not received a confirmation email and can't log into the member area so I can get started.
    Did it take several hours to get confirmation to set up an account?