Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today is another Tuesday. I’ve come to not like them too much, because they remind me of the Tuesday that almost took my breath away 26 weeks ago. Here’s a little of what it looked like that day…

My husband kissed me goodbye, as he left for work before my feet even touched the floor – nothing different about today – our typical routine.

Not too long after, my daughter and I are dressed and off to school and work, respectively.

After getting settled in at work, I read my emails – including my morning “love email” from my husband. Such the romantic – that man of mine!

A few hours into my work day, I received a call that I had dreamed of getting. I had been offered a position at Blue Ridge Broadcasting (106.9 the Light). I had been praying about this for awhile and knew I was ready to accept if offered the position.

My current bosses stayed in meetings most of the day, and so I skipped lunch in hopes of catching them then to deliver my resignation. My hubby and I would normally talk at lunch, but I just sent him a quick text letting him know my dilemma. He understood and just asked me to keep him posted.

At 3:30, I was finally able to text my husband and let him know that I would be meeting with my bosses soon. He responded with a short, but sweet text reply. Little did I know that would be the last text message I would ever receive from him.

By 5:45, my resignation had been delivered and was graciously and understandably accepted. I packed up to head home for the day and called my Chris on the way home. No answer. Hmmm…that’s a bit strange, because he should be home by now. But, he’d been working late for a few days getting ready for meetings later that week.

After 30 minutes of no reply (completely unlike him), I called his work phone. Again, nothing. Then I texted him at both cell numbers. Nothing.

By this time, I’m home and beginning to worry. I pray. I pray hard. Lord, I don’t know what to do.

I started texting and calling friends of mine to pray that he would respond and turn up soon. At this point, I know they thought I was being a little ridiculous. Soon, we would learn that not to be the case.

I decided to check our bank account online to see if he had stopped to get gas yet. He mentioned in his last text to me that he needed to stop and do that. Sure enough…he did so around 5:45…about the time I tried to first call him. Strange. Well, maybe his phone is not acting right.

Finally, around 7:00 pm, I took off in the car…I drove around everywhere looking for his truck. I went to the gas station where he pumped gas. I went to the grocery store he frequents, the gym we work out at, his workplace…everyplace I could think he might be. No Chris.

Now I was beyond worried…I was panicked. I called a couple of friends, and they could now sense the true panic. My friend, Lorie, offered to come over (even though she lives 40 minutes away). I didn’t care…I needed her there…anyone there! In the meantime, she and I both called all of the area and regional hospitals in case he’d been brought in. Nothing.

(As I type these words…these feelings well up inside me all over again. They are almost suffocating.)

Finally, we head to the police station about 10:00 – after talking with one of the sergeants on the phone. I could tell this was routine for them. What I could not explain clearly or loudly enough… “THIS IS NOT ROUTINE FOR ME!!!!” Something was wrong with my husband. They just had to help me find him.

After confirming, by surveillance, that he was at the gas station I told them he was at pumping gas, they did the “usual”. Send out squad cars to the local hotels to make sure he wasn’t there in some kind of secret rendezvous. Sickening. I know this was protocol, but it just sickened me. In the meantime, he could have had a wreck, ran off the side of the road and be laying there begging for help. Or maybe he’d had a heart attack. Instead…they were working hard to find him “shacked up” with somebody at a local hotel. I was so angry but went along with their agenda. I’ll prove them wrong!

Then, the cell phone pings…finally able to find a general location of where Chris might be. Unfortunately, it was a broad location in the middle of the woods. But…not anywhere close to these hotels they’d been searching.

I look down at the time on my cell phone…it was after midnight…no longer Tuesday.

To be continued…


  1. OMGolly...I know the ending of this story, but I am still on the edge of my seat & am feeling your pain, anxiety, & fear. My heart goes out to you still & always. LOVE YOU! :~)

  2. Oh friend...my heart truly hurts for you as you continue to walk this road. As you share what happened so many weeks ago...the reality of the realness...is apparent.

    Know that you are in my thougths and prayers..and being held oh so tightly in the palm of HIS hand.

    Knowing and believing that you will NOT remain....but with Gods help and grace...he will see you through it.


  3. Appreciate you sharing about Chris' last day even though I know how hard it must be on you.

    I remember getting word about this later that evening through Lorie's twitter and praying HARD for Chris and for your family. You were all covered in prayer as this tragedy unfolded and have been ever since.

    BIG HUGS to you, sister.

  4. Oh my Leah. My heart is just overwhelmed with hurt and sadness for you as I read this. It takes a lot of strength (Christ's strength at that) to be able to relive "that day." I know it was Him who helped me relive the day of my Dad's car accident/drowning (it was a Thursday). It was beyond difficult but there was strength and deliverance at the end of writing it; even if I didn't feel it before, during, and immediately after writing it.

    I love you sweet sister. Know that I pray for you frequently and that I just know the Father has you wrapped in His loving arms during this time.