Friday, July 3, 2009

List #1

Allow me to give you another glimpse into my personality: I am a perfectionist (I think I've confessed that before), lover of organization, obsessive-compulsive in nature, and driven. Wrap all that up into a bundle and you have a woman that loves to make lists! Yep - that's me! I make lists for everything. I think I enjoy making lists, because I love structure and order to things. That's one of God's attributes that I can totally relate to - His orderliness! I also like those lists in which I can scratch items off, because it shows accomplishment. With that said, I'm thinking of starting a weekly blog list. If you are a listmaker too, I invite you to share your list with me. If not, just humor me a bit here through my quirkiness. Be blessed my friends!

My favorite books of the Bible (in no particular order - other than the top 2):

1. James (favorite NT book)
2. Ruth (favorite OT book)
3. John
4. Esther
5. Isaiah
6. Psalms
7. Proverbs
8. Job
9. Philippians
10. Hebrews

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