Friday, September 11, 2009

List #10

Happy Friday friends! With Friday, comes another opportunity for me to create a list for the blog. While I may only publish one in this setting, I'm sure I will have several running lists before the day is over.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Seriously! How many of you are doing the very thing you dreamed of when you were younger? How many of you are still trying to figure that out? I kind of fall in that department. As a young girl, teenager, and young adult, many career dreams developed within me. I struggled to simply choose one - like the world tends to tell us we need to do. I have so many passions, loves, hobbies, and goals - how in the world can I just have one vocation? So, now as I inch closer and closer to the age of 40, I continue to ask the question but with a slightly different twist: "God, what do YOU want me to be when I grow up?" My sweet, loving Heavenly Father has a specific plan and purpose for me. Being His ambassador, His servant, and His daughter is what I most desire to be when I grow up!

However, I still love to reflect on those dreams from yesteryear. Believe it or not, it was easy for me to reflect on 10 things I wanted to be when I grow up (there were probably a few more), but these are the 10 I remember best (in no particular order). know what else? None of these career areas are where my current occupation resides.

Ten things I wanted to be “when I grow up”:
1. Teacher
2. Pediatrician
3. Nurse
4. Lawyer
5. Navy aviator
6. Writer
7. Accountant
8. Stay-at-home-mom
9. Interpreter
10. Marine biologist


  1. Well My Love,in many ways you do most of these jobs now and do them very well.You teach me and Anna new things on a regular basis(1),when Anna is sick you give her medicine and comfort(2&3).You state you case well(4).You write blogs And facebook entries with ease(6). You keep our money records in order(7).The time you spend at home is loving and caring(8).You explain to people what I say when they don't understand(9).You look at the fish you catch and question the species(10).So you do and have most of your dream jobs you just don't get the pay for them.9 out of 10 ain't bad.I love you !!!

  2. Mommy,

    That is a very interesting friday list!!!!!!!!