Friday, September 25, 2009

List #12

Happy Friday friends...

Time again for another List of Ten. This week, I simply wanted to share a list of other blogs that I follow. Friends, there are some wonderful blog writers out there, and I am sure these bloggers will bless you as much as they have blessed me. Now, I've only chosen ten (again in random order), and there are more on my "profile page" if you'd like to check them out. I simply chose the blogs that I've been following the longest or know the blogger the best. Have a most blessed weekend!

Ten Blogs I Follow:
1. The LPM Blog
2. The Journey of My Heart
3. cantcookalick
4. Bella Mella
5. Prints 2 Prince
6. Lysa TerKeurst
7. Frugal Fine Living
8. Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
9. Operation Shrink Charlie's Big Butt
10. Lorie Newman


  1. Thank you for including me in your list. What an honor!!!! Love you, friend.

  2. Why does the name of my blog STILL seem funny to me after all this time???
    Thanks for including me. It really means the world to know that you are striving so hard. You inspire ME. And I mean that!
    LOVE YOU BUNCHES, Girlie!!!