Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kissed By Heaven

After a very difficult 24-36 hours, today has been...well...pretty amazing and saturated with the goodness of God.

I've been praying since Chris went to be with Jesus last month that God would allow me to dream a sweet dream about him at night (and then be able to remember the dream the next morning). Last night was the night! I was elated this morning as I woke up remembering that I actually got to see Chris in heaven in my dream, and he was so happy and at peace. Thank you God for answering my prayer! Now praying for dream #2!

Later this afternoon, after returning to the office from lunch, I was so suprised to find the most beautiful cut flowers sitting in a vase on my desk. One of my co-workers quickly shared that they were from a volunteer that had been praying for me ever since she learned of Chris' death. We had never met...until today. This sweet sister said that God clearly told her to bring me those flowers today, and she said she's learned through the years that when God says to do something...she best do it! I just love her obedience!'s the amazing part of this...

Today would have been my 34 month wedding anniversary. We ALWAYS celebrated our anniversary every month on the 9th. And...Chris always brought me flowers! ALWAYS!

I started crying when I realized how sweet my precious Lord has been to me today. He has saturated me with His love. I don't deserve such love and attention, but He gave it to me! I knew I had to share this story with my new flower-giving friend. But, I also knew I would cry a flood of tears as I did. Up the stairs I went, and pulled Sheila (my flower-giving friend) aside and simply uttered these words...

"There's something I need to tell you about those flowers. would have been my 34-month wedding anniversary. We celebrated on the 9th of each month (because we were married on August 9), and my husband ALWAYS brought me flowers. God used you to bring me a kiss from heaven today with these flowers."

Her hands flew to her eyes, and then she looked up towards heaven and whispered a word of thanks. Then she grabbed me and we embraced as we both balled our eyes out.

God is in ALL the details, my friends. ALL the details.'ve been sweetly kissed by heaven!


  1. Yes you have! As I read this post, the smile on my face just kept getting bigger and bigger. Our Heavenly Father cares about us so much. And, He knows the perfect way to love on us!

  2. It has been 167 days since I last saw my hubby. He left for Heaven on Christmas Eve. I so pray to hear and feel God's touch! You are doing well!!

  3. My eyes are tearing up. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Wow! That gave me chills....Such a sweet reminder of the amazing God we serve!

  5. Oh, that's wonderful, Leah! God is your Husband now. He will take care of you and share intimate blessings with you!

  6. That's the God I know and love. Praying for dream #2!! : )