Friday, July 10, 2009

List #2

If you're new to this blog or just haven't been reading along recently - you may want to see my blog from last Friday, July 5 entitled "List #1" to know what this is all about.

Yesterday's post may almost seem like a contrast to the list that I'm about to display. However, keep in mind that goal setting and planning is still very, very important. Allow it to guide your days, but don't allow it to take over and end up crippling you to the point of never getting anything checked off the list.

With that said, let's move on this week to List #2...

Things I hope to accomplishment within the next 24 months:

1. Become a certified scuba diver
2. Begin an herb garden
3. Learn to sew
4. Attend SheSpeaks
5. Get to my goal weight
6. Attend a photography class
7. Attend a Women of Faith conference
8. Build up my running program again so that I can run a 5K pain free
9. Finish organizing all of my pictures
10. See my new nephew - in person!

Can't wait to come back in 2 years and see how many of these I've been able to mark off! Be blessed today my friends!

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