Friday, July 17, 2009

List #3

It's Friday List Day! This week, I simply wanted to focus on fun memories. As I began creating a list, I quickly realized that there are too many to narrow down, but I loved the reminiscing. How about you? Have any favorite memories that stick out in your mind? These are by no means my best or favorite fun memories - just a selection of 10 from my 37 years, in completely random order.

Fun memories:
1. Giving birth (yes it was fun - to a point)
2. Walking across the Niagra Falls bridge with my mom in what seemed like hurricane strength winds, all-the-while we laughed our heads off
3. Ice skating with my husband in Gatlinburg - got a little ahead of him - heard a big "thud" - then the crowd went "ooohhh". Yep - my hubby belly flopped on the ice. Ouch!
4. Snorkeling during a tropical storm (I guess I have a twisted sense of humor.)
5. Getting to meet the author of The Shack
6. My wedding last August - Happy Almost 1st Anniversary Chris!
7. Scrapbooking with my girlfriends at Scrap Camp
8. Touring Laura Ingalls Wilder homesites with my little princess…it was a 2500 mile mommy/daughter plane & car trip that has to be one of my most fun memories ever!
9. Driving around Beverly Hills, CA looking for the stars…only got to see Dinah Shore standing in her driveway in her bathrobe (yes, I realize some of you are too young to know Dinah Shore)
10. Having dinner with Chip Ingram at The Cove

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