Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Slightly under seven years ago, my daughter and I had just walked into our local neighborhood grocery store. With only a few things on our list, we opted to shop with the small basket rather than the full-sized grocery buggy. Leaning over to pick up the basket, I quickly grabbed the handle of the one on top and stood to turn around. Immediately, I came face to face with a blast from my past.

"Hi Leah. Do you remember me?" asked the pleasant looking woman. "Do you remember me too?" asked the woman beside her.

Did I remember them? Of COURSE I remembered them! Here was my favorite teacher from 6th grade, and my band teacher from 7th and 8th grades. The bigger question was how in the world did they remember me?

"Of course I remember BOTH of you!" I proceeded to give both of them a hug and introduce them to my daughter, who was grinning from ear to ear over this entire exchange.

Both retired, they brought me quickly up to speed on what they were doing now, and I equally shared where life had taken me in the years since middle school. We discussed a few memories from awkward years, and then I finally got up enough nerve to ask them what I really wanted to know.

"I'm just curious. Out of the thousands of students that you've taught in all your years of teaching, how in the world can you possibly remember me from so long ago."

Mrs. O. was the first to respond, "You were simply one of the unforgettable ones."

Oh...I was unforgettable? WOW! How flattering! Wait a minute...I was unforgettable...uh-oh. That may not be a good thing.

She continued in sharing with my daughter how I was such a good student, always obedient, blah...blah...blah. I'm not going to continue with the remarks, but you get the idea. My kiddo couldn't believe that she actually got to meet some of my teachers and got to hear first-hand what type of student I was back in the "old days". She was tickled.

For me...I was still a little floored. THEY remembered ME? Shocking. Even a little uncanny. Did I really leave that strong of an impression? Apparently so...

An interesting thought came to my mind as I was reliving that grocery store day from a few years back. Unforgettable. That's what I long to be so often. I want to be remembered. I want to make lasting impressions. However, unlike 6th grade, I have a completely different motive now. It's not to make good grades or to be the teacher's pet or to reap special favors as a good girl. It's simply this, I want to be remembered for...making Him known and bringing Him glory! As seriously as I can say this through the keystrokes of my computer, that's what it's all about for me friends.

I want to be unforgettable...so that I went share one of His redemptive stories in my life...those that hear never forget His goodness.

I want to be unforgettable...so that when I teach...those that Hear never forget the words that He speaks directly to their heart.

I want to be unforgettable...so that when I speak about Him...people see my undeniable love for Him and want some of that in their lives.

But honestly...I want Him to be the unforgettable one. Remove me from the scene entirely. Let His glory shine...let His name be praised...let His name become famous...let His Name be exalted.


  1. Beautiful! What a humble heart you have!

  2. So wonderful! The other day I had this strong sense and urge that my blog, what I say and do be for Him. Everything. Yes I had a stroke but more importantly my life shine with His love and others see Him more than me. It amazes me when people remember me but so glad for the right reasons. When I was in 5th grade we went to a baseball game. I caught a foul ball and had it autographed but I gave it to a boy I had a crush on but also he was more into baseball. 24 years later had not seen or heard from him but we came across paths and he had remembered. I was shocked! But there was a reason, God gave me the right reasons... for His glory! To share with this man, words of His to help him during a difficult time.
    Sending hugs! May your day be blessed!!

  3. That is such an amazing story and ended so beautifully...well said my dear, well said. Amen!