Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 40 is Here with a Giveaway!

We're here friends. The end of my 40-day consecutive blog writing journey. I can't believe I'm going to actually say this, but out of the 3 times that I've done a 40-day journey like this - I do believe this one to be the easiest! heard me right! Out of one of the most chaotic times of my life, I've found this to be very therapeutic and joy-filled. So, where do I go from here?

I don't want to make promises I'll have trouble keeping, but I will tell you my blogging goal from this point forward. My GOAL is to blog Monday through Friday. Yes - it's simply a goal. I'm not going to hold my perfectionistic self to that standard as a rule, because I'll fail...for sure. And, then I'll disappoint myself. So, it's goal. I'll do the best I can and simply leave it at that.

To end this 40th post on a fun note...I have a giveaway to announce!

It's not too hard to see that I'm all about making memories. An avid scrapbooker, it's always been a passion of mine, but with my husband's death, I'm even more bent (if that's possible) on preserving memories, hence my Chris Tree project, among other things.

Very recently, I was introduced to My Memories, the #1 rated scrapbook software. For those of you not into scrapbooking, don't look the other way just yet. You just might be surprised! As a paper scrapbooker for years, I've been hesitant to even try digital scrapbooking. It just seemed to take the creativity out it for me. But, I said that - assumed that - without even trying a digital scrapbooking program. Until now...

My Memories gives you the ability to simply pop in your digital pictures into an already pre-designed template if you lack the time or creative juices to try anything else. That's a perfect solution for busy people that want to capture photo memories in a creative format (like a scrapbook) but don't have the know-how or drive to do so.

However, My Memories also offers the ability to create your own design. Simply start with a blank slate - of various size pages - and, be as creative as your mind allows! Here are two of my own "start from scratch" creations:

Friends, these were sooooo easy to make - trust me! And, they weren't even from a template! With My Memories, you can not only create digital scrapbook pages, but you can also do cards, calendars, photobooks, etc. So many possibilities! Now that I've gone on and on about this software...let me tell you about the giveaway.

The folks at My Memories have donated one free My Memories Suite (a $40 value) for me to giveaway on my blog. You actually have a couple of opportunities to enter, but you can't do #2 without doing #1:

1) First of all, please visit My Memories and then come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite digital paper pack or scrapbooking kit.

2) Either start following My Memories Suite on Twitter by clicking here or "Like" their Facebook page by clicking here - OR do both! After doing so...come back and leave a SECOND comment telling me you've done so. This will get you entry #2 in the giveaway.

That's all there is to it! The giveaway will run today and through 9:00 pm ET Thursday. The winner will be announced on Friday's blog post. Be sure to enter and share the giveaway with your friends.

There will only be one winner, but I'll also announce on Friday a huge discount opportunity for anyone that doesn't win and chooses to still purchase the software or anything from the My Memories store. So, be sure to check back on Friday!

Thank you for taking part in this 40-day consecutive blogging journey with me! It would have been very lonely without you! Let's continue the journey together...shall we?


  1. I absolutely love scrapbooking but have to admit am terrified of doing it digitally. I've done several different renditions of scrapbooking (decorating frames like a scrapbook page etc) but the one that was the most challenging yet fruitful was the 80 page "Life and death" scrapbooks I did of my father-in-law for my mother-in-law on his first death anniversary back in August of 2008.

    I loved a lot of the kits so it's hard to pick just one :) I would go with "Scripture 1 Word Art," "Selah," all of the "Baby Mine Girl" ones, "Sweet Neapoliton," and "Eternal Marriage."

    Praise God for your 40 day journey. Doesn't feel like it's been 40 days! It's been a privilege to travel with you. So thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross sweet sister.

    Love you!

  2. Just followed them on Twitter; don't have fb :)

  3. 1)You could choose a kit for any occasion! But my first love is the beach so I would choose Beach Ocean Frames.

  4. 2) I followed on Twitter and liked on fb

  5. Definitely love the passion pink pages!!

  6. I LOVE digital scrapbooking! I checked out the My Memories website ... And will now spend the rest of the entire day looking at all their kits! They even have my favorite designer - Lindsay Jane! I couldn't pick a "favorite", but if I win, I'd choose "A Good Read". I might use it for my blog! Congratulations on completing your 40 days! I think I'd have to start with a 5-day challenge and work my way up from there!

  7. Oh! And I "followed" them on Twitter, and "liked" them on Facebook, too!

  8. Oooh, those are gorgeous templates! :) I like the vintage kits. I actually made a digital scrapbook for my mom this past Mother's Day (but not from this company). It was actually great for me since I seriously lack creativity and starting from scratch stresses me out. :) Love that there are preloaded templates.

  9. I liked them on FB and followed them on Twitter. :)

  10. #1 Butterfly Fly Away is really pretty! :~)

  11. #2 I 'liked' MyMemories & think it's a cool idea.

    And, REALLY? Has it been 40 days already?? I'm so glad it's been a great blog experience for you & I pray it continues to be a blessing to you, as it is to your readers & followers. :~)

  12. I have visited My Memories and like the Angels Among us Word Art....Now I feel the need to go back and look for hours more. Thanks Leah! LOL!

  13. I have "liked" My Memories on FB....Now as for the 40 day journey...I have truly been blessed by your blogging journey and always look forward to reading/watching what God lays on your heart. You are truly an inspiration to so many. Love you bunches sis!!!

  14. I never know if I have done this correctly...but I have folled via Twitter MyMemories, like the Facebook Page, and went on the sight...I like the Sunset and Skies know me love my sunsets!!!

    Love ya! Kandi

  15. I am again...the illiterate one...probably the one who can't spell eith...but I did follow on Twitter and Facebook,, as well. I knwo you think this PLAIN Girl is very silly!!!!