Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If Trees Could Talk

"I've been told this day was coming for many months now. My Creator announced to me in August that He had a very special plan for me...so special, in fact, that it would require my leaving the only home I've ever known...forever. My home...this beautiful farm displayed with so many of my pine-scented friends. Some have been growing here for over a decade. Others are just new saplings. But me? I'm almost 10 feet tall, so I've seen a lot of friends and family leave our homeplace through the years. I've gotten used to it actually, but it never really hit me that my day might actually come too. Until today. Even after my Creator told me several months ago, I never really thought it would happen until now.

I wondered if it would hurt. You know...when they take that loud buzzing thing and cut me from my base. I've seen it happen so much...the noise...the topple...the dust. But does it hurt?

But, Creator tells me that somebody else...a lady...has been hurting a lot more than what I'll experience today. In fact, He tells me that the small sting I might experience in the process is worth it for the joy that it will bring this lady. I don't know why she hurts, but Creator tells me He needs me to do this for Him, because He loves her so and wants to see that smile on her face when she sees me for the first time.

I knew her voice the first time I heard it. I can't explain how I knew it was her...I just did. She kept looking at lots of trees all around me but seemed so disappointed. I often heard her mutter to her friends that were with her, 'I know I'll know which one it is when I see it.' Was she talking about me? Was she looking for me?

I could feel her footsteps getting closer, and then I saw her, and her face beamed with joy when she took her first look at me. Creator affirmed it was her.

This is the one, my beloved creation. I need you to go live in her home for the next 6 weeks and bring her abundant joy.

I don't know how to do that?

Just by being there.

He whispered a few more things to me...something about her husband now being with Him in Heaven, something about her sadness over the upcoming Christmas season, a little about how she's expecting me to bring her a lot of joy and how many of her friends and family have sent her many items to adorn me with.

I want to feel honored to be in this role. I really do. But, I'm a little sad, because my own death is near. Is this what it's come to for me? All of these years in this beautiful place to be over in about 6 weeks (provided she generously waters me daily)?

But, my wise Creator shared one more thing with me that clearly told me why I had to do this (and why I should be honored at the opportunity...

He reminded me that often it takes death of one thing to bring life to another."

Me and my 'Chris Tree'!


  1. Beautiful, Leah. I could hear that tree talking. LOVE your Chris tree!

  2. This is beautiful. I am weeping with joy for your perspective. My FB status was about perspective, then I read this and I thank God for your heart! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Beautiful! You have to stop bringing me to tears everyday!!! I love you & am praying for you. :~)

  4. Oh, Tree, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts of the day you were chosen and your willingness to bring joy to someone that is hurting. I want a tree just like you, willing to die to bring life to others.

  5. I just love you. :)


  6. Leah, Thank you so much for your comment on my post today! It blesses me to know God is encouraging someone through my story. I loved your post today and will come back soon to get to know you better through your beautiful writing. As hard as it is to be without our loved ones, we indeed, have so much to be thankful for! Prayers for you as you face this holiday season.
    Love, Renee'