Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Gonna Stop Me This Time

In February, 2009 - I was registered to run/walk in my first race. It happened to be the Myrtle Beach Dasani Half-Marathon. I'd never even participated in a 5K before, and here I was registered for a half-marathon. Yes, I might have been a bit crazy, but I'm not usually one to turn down a challenge. My friend, Kandi, thought I could walk it with her and another friend. So, that's what we set out to do...a walk/run version for our first half-marathon.

Sometime throughout the training process, I developed intense pain in my left foot and toes. It kept getting worse and really started hindering my training. I ended up being referred to an orthopedic foot specialist. After extensive testing, I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome (the foot version of the wrist counterpart - carpal tunnel). Additionally, I actually had stenosis in my back which was causing some of the pain in my toes. Falling apart in my thirties...great.

I ended up bowing out of the race, and Kandi went without me. :-( I had surgery just two months later, which took about 18 months to completely heal from. Yeah - a doozy.

Last winter, I was challenged again. This time - a 5K (a little more reasonable for my first race...ha!). Some of the back/toe pain returned, but I pushed through. I was determined to do this thing, even if I couldn't run all of it, but that was my goal.

I trained through the late winter and early spring. The race day was May 7. I was excited and couldn't wait to finally complete my first 5K. But, tragedy struck. Again. And, again...I had to bow out. This time, for my husband's funeral (the same day as the 5K I was registered for). I felt defeated all over again.

And...then I got a "bright" idea just the other day. I wonder if that race will be sponsored again around the same time next year?! If so, wouldn't be super sweet to be able to run it - in memory of my precious Chris? I could ask people to join me. We could get t-shirts made and everything. The excitement started to build within me.

So, I contacted one of the race coordinators from last year to see if it was going to happen again. And the answer? YES! May 12, 2012 is the date for the 2nd annual Ramble Run in Asheville, NC. Registration will open sometime in January. And, you know what...I'm doing this thing! And, the enemy's NOT gonna stop me this time! Whether I run (my plan, of course), walk, or crawl...I'm doing this to honor Chris' memory. I know he would be so proud!

I've already had a good group of folks say they'd like to join me in this! So, I invite you to do the same. If you're interested in doing this 5K with me...come spend a spring weekend in the Western North Carolina mountains for Mother's Day Weekend, and let's meet up for a Saturday morning run! More details will follow after the holidays, but I'm serious. I'd love for you to join me! Just send me your email address, and I'll add you to my list! You can email me at or simply leave a comment here.

Yet again...this will be something special to look forward to at what will be another difficult season - the one-year anniversary of Chris' death. But, nothing's gonna stop me this time!

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  1. Well, NOT praticipating in anything that has the word 'RUN' in it! I'll pray for good weather, & for you & your girlfriends to finish strong & with no injuries. Do I really have to explain why I don't run?!?! NOT! :~)