Monday, December 28, 2009

40 Day Challenge Almost Over...

I can't believe it. I've almost completed this 40-day blog writing challenge that I committed myself to a few short weeks ago. At first, I thought it would be easy - if I just stay focused. However, as the days went by, I knew it was definitely going to be a challenge.

If you recall (or have been keeping up with my blogs throughout this challenge), I initially decided to do this, because I felt God was directing me to do so for some reason or another. I know that the number 40 in the Bible is significant and generally involves a period of 40 something (days, weeks, years, etc.) that almost always ends with a blessing or promise.

I am also a person that has trouble completing "stuff", because the perfectionist tendencies that I struggle with always find a way to make that "stuff" better, thereby causing things to never get finished. So, this challenge was also a way for me to show (to myself if nobody else) that I could FINISH something! I realize that I still have 3 more blog posts to write after this one in order to reach my goal, but I'm convinced that I can do it!

So, have I learned anything? Gotten any life altering revelations? Made any new commitments or life changes? Been blessed by God or been given a promise? What has happened as a result of this challenge? Well, I'm actually still figuring some of those things out, but for starters:

1. God has revealed to me that if I can do this for 40 days then NOTHING should get in the way of me spending quality time with Him each day.
2. He's revealed to me the gifts I need to be using and part of the way these gifts need to be used (I'm still waiting for more of this to become a little clearer).
3. He's given me an opportunity of a lifetime involving a place I hold near and dear to my heart: AFRICA. More on this at a later time too.

Friends, I think I've just scratched the surface of the work that He's doing in my life, but I'm convinced that this challenge was a place for me to obey. Obey Him! God BLESSES obedience friends (read Deuteronomy 28)!

I don't know what the blogging days bring yet in 2010, but I'm continuing on. Thanks for continuing the journey with me!


  1. Mommy I have enjoyed reading your blogs and learning more about you. I hope you will blog frequently!!!!!!!!

  2. Your blogs have been a blessing to me.
    Thanks, Ann Friedrichs