Friday, December 4, 2009

List #16

Years ago, I attended an event sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries. It was held in November with the intention of teaching women tangible ways of celebrating Christmas to keep the focus and center on Christ. Many of the ideas were shared from a book written by Sharon Jaynes, entitled Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas. You can find this book reasonably priced at Amazon, and I assure you that it has many wonderful ideas! In honor of Friday List Day, I thought I would share ten of them with you now:

Ten Ways to Celebrate Christmas and Keep Christ at the Center:
1. Host a birthday party for Jesus. Send out invitations, decorate, have attendees make a craft as a take-home gift, etc.
2. Offer to Christmas shop for a disabled person.
3. Participate in Operation Christmas Child by packing a shoebox for a needy child overseas.
4. Work in a soup kitchen.
5. Sort toys for the Salvation Army.
6. Pray for those who send you Christmas cards.
7. Deliver Christmas cookies to the volunteer fire department.
8. Give to the Salvation Army kettle.
9. Put a reminder of Jesus in every room of your house.
10. Read Luke 2 by candlelight before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

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