Sunday, December 13, 2009

40 Day Challenge - Day 22!

Boy! This 40-day blog writing challenge is really challenging me. Go figure. It's been so much harder than I ever anticipated. I recently chatted with a friend over the fact that this was a really unwise, hair-brained idea that I came up with. What was I thinking? Christmas time to boot! But, my spirit was quickened almost as soon as I thought those thoughts. It's a CHALLENGE silly girl! It's not supposed to be easy. That's why it's called a CHALLENGE!

Ironically, I love challenges. I'm the type that does really well under pressure. I don't like the pressure, but I tend to perform well that way. Anytime someone challenges me to something - I go at it with full gusto as if an Olympic gold medal is awaiting me at the completion. When I began this challenge, I sensed that God would bless my obedience in some huge way - with another challenge actually! I've been praying about some really big things that I deeply desire God to do. They are actually going to be some pretty challenging things. And...and He's hinting to me that He may just very well answer those prayers, but He's watching...He's waiting...He's observing my obedience in this one little area of blog writing. As silly and as unimportant as it may seem - it's pretty huge for me to complete this challenge. It's just one small stepping stone among several stones along a pretty rocky pathway. But, I have to be able to maneuver the small steps before stepping on the larger rocks.

Thanks for meeting with me along this path. The journey is much easier with friends!

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