Thursday, December 10, 2009

Then the Tears Came...

I guess I was due for a good cry, but I really felt rather silly for the reasons that caused it. Bottom line – my feelings were hurt. It was not something that was done or said to me or said about me but rather something that was not said or done. In the grand scheme of life and problems, this is so very minor – I realize that. But, it still hurt (and still does a little bit). As I was praying about the situation this morning, I kept praying that God would (in a sweet and subtle way) let my friend know that I was hurting, but then I immediately felt terrible for praying that, because I didn’t want this person hurt either. Such a catch 22. Then the tears came…and came…and came. So, what did I do next? I posted my feelings on Twitter. I guess I felt the rest of the world cared to know, but in all honesty I tend to use places like Twitter and Facebook as a psychological dumping ground, of sorts (my blog too – it appears). It’s a way for me to release my feelings in sometimes subtle, non-specific ways without having to face the situation head on, and I generally feel a little better afterwards. Well, much to my surprise – I received a reply from a Twitter follower and fellow sister in Christ that is actually a complete stranger to me. She so sweetly reminded me that as I tried to not take things personally in spite of the hurt – to look to Jesus as the best example of how to do that! He was rejected constantly and experienced hurt after hurt after hurt, but He kept things in perspective and continued to fulfill His purposes here. So, He lifted me up out of my temporary pit, dusted me off, and sent me back out there to fulfill the purpose assigned to me! No, the hurt isn’t completely gone just yet, but the more I talk to Him and serve Him – the more the pain lessens.

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  1. I sure hope this wasn't me...if it was... I am sorry....I would never purposely try to hurt your feelings!!!