Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas and such...

So, how are all the Christmas preparations shaping up for you so far? For me, it's rather slow going this year, but the tree is up (see pic to the left)!

We're wrapping up production of our church's annual Christmas show - Carolina Mountain Christmas Spectacular (CMCS). Tomorrow night is the final show out of 8 performances! Whew! My husband, daughter, and I have each been involved either as cast or crew members. It has been VERY rewarding and very draining all at the same time. I dare not complain - really I don't - because, this is all being done for the Glory of God! We have already heard countless stories of lives touched by this 2-hour production. It's hearing those stories that keep me motivated and keep me focused on the reason for the hard work. I'm honored, humbled, and very blessed to be part of this event. If you live in the Asheville, NC area (or even within a few hours) - I encourage you to try to come out for the final show tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm. You can find more information by clicking here! If you live too far away - please be in prayer for our final show - that the cast and crew will remain healthy and that the audience will not only enjoy the program but will be receptive to the presented message!

So...after CMCS ends tomorrow night...I'm back to Christmas preparations. I still have some gifts to make, shopping to do, Christmas cards to send out, goodies to bake, and I've got to squeeze in some sleep there too! Oh yes, and I still have many more blogs to write to complete my 40-Day Challenge (and, a challenge it has been!). Thanks for stopping by! Be most blessed!

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