Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas May Be Over but...the Manger is Still Visible!

It's time to start taking down the Christmas decorations. For us, it's a pretty lengthy process, because I don't just throw them into a box. I take time to wrap each fragile ornament back in its paper to ensure it stays safe for another year. We also have Christmas decorations in every room of the house, so it simply takes awhile to get it all packed back up. But, there are two nativity sets that I keep out all year long.

I actually started that years ago, because I wanted my daughter to grow up knowing that Jesus is not a one-time-of-year Messiah. He's Emmanuel, God with us, ALL the time - everyday of the year! So, it seemed crazy to me then and still does today to only have Nativity sets out one time a year. I actually collect Nativity sets, so I do reserve some of them to come out only at Christmas time, but my other two stay out for all twelve months of the year.

The busyness of the season - especially the secular part of the season - is coming to an end soon, but Jesus lives on. I want the profound birth of that baby over 2000 years ago to be reflective in our home ALL year long - not just in the form of a nativity set but also in the mirrors of our faces.

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