Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fond Memories, Fainting, Fishing, and a Frond

Yesterday, my friend and co-worker, Carol, and I went shopping for a basket of goodies for a little boy that just had emergency surgery for a broken arm. Our staff team wanted to cheer him up and give him some fun things to do but enable him to be as still as possible while his arm heals up.

Fond Memories
As we walked through the parking lot of our local Walmart, Carol shared that this particular store always brought back fond memories for her. Early in her single momma days, she received a special gift right here at this very Walmart. It was a day she'll never forget and one that brought a smile to her face even on this day as we paced to the front door.

"Isn't that interesting," I shared, "because this store also has a couple of significant memories for me."

The first wasn't really all that funny, but looking back...I have to chuckle, because it was so bizarre. My daughter and I were standing in the checkout line, when suddenly a young girl (late teens, early twenties, I would guess) tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to catch her. Before I knew what was happening, the girl started to slither in my arms. She was fainting. Now, this was a first for me, I can honestly say. Catching fainting girls at the Walmart isn't a typical item on my to-do list, but for whatever reason...today it was on the list. I slithered with her right to the floor and then motioned for my daughter to go to the cashier for help. The next thing we know, we had crackers and Cokes being thrown in our direction, and this young lady was back to herself in no time. But, needless to say, everytime I go into this particular store...I remember my fainting friend.

Perhaps the fondest of my two memories from this store was created with my sweet husband a few years back. There is a river that runs behind the Walmart parking lot. My husband was an avid fisherman...his favorite hobby, by far. He loved to take me fishing with him, but I was more of a boat fisherwoman or bank-side angler. I typically didn't wade the nearby trout streams. But, on this particular day, Chris challenged me to a new adventure. So, we climbed down the bank behind the Walmart parking lot, through briars and all, into the cold waters of the Swannanoa River. This day was the only day in all of our dating and married years that I out-fished my husband. :-)

a Frond
As I shared this last story with Carol, I chuckled and said that Chris never forgot that day - and neither did I. I delighted greatly in sharing with a couple of friends my "successes" of that day way back when. Carol quickly chimed in, "And...I bet he wouldn't be happy with you sharing about how you skunked him that day with me right now." I laughed again. She was right, but I just couldn't help myself. Suddenly I noticed a random leaf flying through this parking lot devoid of most trees. This "random" frond landed right behind me, but it caught my attention as it floated, so my gaze followed it to the ground. I almost gasped when I saw it. I picked it up and showed it to Carol.

"Do you see this?" I asked.

Carol was grinning, "Yes, I see it."

"Oh good. I want to make sure I'm not going crazy. Another kiss from heaven," I cheerfully announced!

The leaf that landed right behind me in the Walmart parking lot yesterday!

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