Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sharathon Begins Today!

Before going any further...I want to announce the winner of my Saturday blog giveaway post!

Drum roll please...

CINDY - Timestamp: 1:18 AM, Date: 10/2 - YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please email me your mailing address, and I'll send your winnings to you right away! :-) My email addy: leahgillen89@yahoo.com


Good morning bloggy friends!

Some of you know that I work in administration for a Christian radio station. More specifically, I am most blessed to serve at 106.9 the Light (WMIT-FM), founded by Billy Graham nearly 50 years ago. Check us out at http://www.1069thelight.org/ whenever you get a chance. Our coverage area is quite large...portions of 7 states. However, with the internet and cell phone apps...you can listen to us all over the world!

I say all of this to say that today marks our first day (out of two) of Sharathon!!! These are two days that we set aside each year to invite our listeners to join us in the work God is doing in changing lives. That's what it's all about friends...changed lives. It's not about money. Yes...it takes money to do ministry, but our focus is not on how many dollars can be raised - that's in God's hands. Our focus is on how many lives can be impacted through the work God is doing through us, His vessels, at the station. And...I should know...I am a life that has been changed (twice over) by the work of this station: first, as a listener back in 1997 and most recently back in June of this year (as an employee). I may have the opportunity to share that recent story on the air over the next two days, so I don't want to do so now. But, I'll be sure to share it here at a later date...regardless.

So, I ask those of you that are praying people to join me in praying for us to see a mighty God movement over these next two days! Please pray that we'll hear testimony after testimony of lives changed through the work God is doing at 106.9 the Light. Please pray for stamina for the entire staff and volunteer team. Please pray that "no weapon formed against" by the enemy will prosper! This is solid, good ground...so, the attacks always ramp up about this time. Thank you, friends, for your faithfulness to pray!

Here are just a few pics from some of our "out and about" events:

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