Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's All Just Stuff!

Betcha thought I'd forgotten to blog 15th day on this 40 day consecutive blog writing journey.'s just been a full day that began VERY early this morning...4:00 am to be exact. (And...I've been a bit on the tired side ever since.)

The area where I live in Western NC boasts a rather large flea market just about 15 minutes from where we live. I've been there several times to look for steals and deals, but I've also vended there quite a bit too over the years. Today was one of those days.

Our sweet, giving, compassionate, and selfless friends - Troy and Rebecca - got up at 4:00 am also to help my daughter and me tote our stuff down to this flea market. There was nothing in it for them - they did no selling, in other words. They simply went to serve, and we were blessed indeed by their love and friendship!

After one yard sale and two flea market experiences since Chris died (not to mention all the Craigslist sales) - I can definitely say my quest for simpler living is starting to take shape. I've been dwindling each room down - a little at a time - getting rid of those "things" that I can simply live without. Now, let me say that I really wasn't a packrat to begin with, so I'm talking about getting down to the basics of simple comfort.

Do I really need all of those trinkets, books, kitchen wares, decorative items, clothes, games, candleholders, tools, etc? Could the money be used to create memories with my daughter, to go on mission trips, or to support orphans? Is God pleased - I mean REALLY pleased with how I steward the resources He's given me? it possible...even just a little bit that I could do better? He's not asking me to live in a tent and ride a bicycle and wear the same outfit each day. But, I do believe He's showing me areas in my life that can be simplified to have more resources freed up for His service. all honesty. It's all just stuff anyway! I would rather make beautiful memories than collect stuff.

How about you? Have you taken an inventory lately of the "stuff" God might be asking you to give up for a little bit simpler living? Oooh...that's a tough one isn't it? Speaking from someone that has really never been much of a "material girl" anyway...even for me, it's tough to say "goodbye" to the stuff.

What if I need it for a rainy day?

I'll use it someday...right?

I got it for a great deal...I'd be crazy to get rid of it.

It was a gift from Aunt Sally. Even though it's collecting dust, I still can't part with a gift.

Any of these sound familiar? How about just one thing? What one thing can you release today? Is there something that you've been clinging just a little too hard to? Is it time to say goodbye? Is God asking you to?'s all just stuff! And, it can't go with us when we leave this earth.


  1. Thank you for this post and your inspiration! I just recently gave away 36 large bags worth of stuff. More to come as I seek more for God's will and think less about my "stuff." Blessings to you...

  2. Ouch! After starting my day yesterday with I John 2:15 -17 reverberating in my heart, and spending another day (and way too much $$) shopping for (another) dress to wear at my step-son's upcoming wedding ... I read this! Leah, you are so right on and I'm so proud of you that you're working this through! I know how hard it is to do - to keep on letting go ... of things ... of memories. It's no longer so much about the "things" (yes, my husband was a packrat, and I and the boys have become that way, too!), but it is now so much more about the memories attached to the "things". Thanks for continuing to encourage me!

  3. It feels like I'm always in the process of purging! Where does it come from?? For every thing that comes into the house, I try to remove several, but feel it's the famed "one-step-forward-two-step-back" process. I'll just keep on keepin' on! :~/