Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tennessee Trek

Late Friday afternoon, I took off on another mini adventure. This time, my travel plans took me to middle Tennessee...first to Bon Aqua, a small rural town about an hour west of Nashville.

It was in Bon Aqua that I met (for the first time) my year-long friend, Deborah - or Quilter Extraordinaire, as I like to call her. I first came in contact with Deborah when working for another company. She and I were email buddies, as I regularly placed purchase orders from the company where she works.

Somehow, throughout this time, she discovered my blog and touched base with me through here and introduced me to her quilting blog and her devotional blog as well. (WOW...I was so impressed...she could keep up with TWO blogs!!!)

I remained in contact with Deborah, even after God opened the door for me to go to work for 106.9 the Light radio station. We've both experienced grief this year (she lost her mother and grandmother early in the year within a month of each other), so we could relate on the grief journey, as well.

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but I knew what I had to do! I had seen pictures of Deborah's quilt work on her blogs and knew she was very talented. And I wondered...would she consider making a scrap quilt for me out of some of Chris' clothes - the ones he wore most frequently? I asked her about it, and she was thrilled to take on this project.

So, that's what took me to Bon Aqua. I took a tote full of Chris' clothes to her for the purpose of starting this project. We looked through patterns, discussed fabrics, quilting terms (that I can't repeat, because I'm clueless), and I finally found THE PATTERN for Chris' quilt! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I can't wait for it to be finished so that I can wrap up in it and feel, in theory, him surrounding me. What a gift! I'm so thankful God connected us over a year ago - not knowing how meaningful that connection would come to mean down the road.

Here are some pics of Deborah and her amazing cabin, built by her husband. Chris would have LOVED this place!

A view of the elk with quilts hanging on both sides of the loft railings

Quilts everywhere!

The loft - Deborah's quilting space

Eye candy for a quilter!

My hunter man would have drooled over this one!

Deborah - Quilter Extraordinaire!
 After leaving Deborah's house late morning yesterday, I ventured back to Nashville on my way back home. I planned a quick stop-over visit to see my new She Speaks friend, Leigh Kramer. I would highly encourage you to check out her HopefulLeigh blog sometime. She is an amazing writer and is currently finishing up her first novel!

Leigh and I, along with 6 other amazing women, sat at the infamous Table 73 during She Speaks this past summer. Table 73 shared some pretty amazing things of which I posted about soon after returning home. If you haven't read about my She Speaks Miracle before, I would encourage you to do so. God blew my mind...yet again that evening!

Leigh and I had a nice, but short, visit catching up while she nannied for little 3-month old Caroline. Here are a few pics from my time with Leigh:

After a couple of hours, it was time to hit the road for home. I love my time in the car. I usually spend lots of time chatting with God. Friday night and yesterday were no different. He spoke right to my heart over some things that I've been crying out to Him about! I love that God of mine!


  1. Leah, shortly after Mark passed I pulled a few of his favorite flannel shirts aside to make a quilt. My DIL just brought over some fabric squares and she offered to help me make the quilt. I am so glad you have found someone who is willing to tackle that for you, what a special friend and gift! I'm sure it will be beautiful!! Can't wait to see it when it is finished! Love ya, C

  2. So happy {and jealous} that you got time with our Leigh.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your quilt when she is done.

  3. I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. I'm so glad we could have some time together. It was too short (and too often interrupted by sweet C) but definitely worth it. Thank you for your kind words and compliment!