Monday, October 17, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

Just pondering my “Christmas list”. It looks quite different this year…

1. Peaceful evenings during the month of December, allowing time for reading or playing games with my wee one

2. A clean house

3. All my papers filed and organized

4. Chris’ tools sorted and organized in some fashion that makes sense to me

5. Extended time with friends

6. NOT a lot of snow

7. The ability to celebrate Christ’s birth from the perspective of joy rather than through the heart of a grieving widow

8. Kisses from heaven

9. Surprises from God

10. A pleasant dream about Chris in heaven

11. Invitations to speak and share “my story – God’s story” (not necessarily at Christmas) – just the invitations to start coming in during this season. It gives me hope and focus.

12. A blanket of love enveloping Anna and me

13. Wisdom. Lots of wisdom concerning several potentially big undertakings in 2012.

14. Restoration

15. Deliverance

16. Healing

17. Authentic prayers being lifted up for Anna and me

18. A Chris Tree full of ornaments

19. Lots of laughter

20. To see or hear about someone coming to Christ as a direct result of my husband’s death


  1. I think I can help with several of about Brett organizes those tools when we come to get the tree...and I'll help clean the house...that is not a joke...stop you!!! We can work on some of those others, as well!!

  2. I love this list, it's something God will surely use to shine forth His handiwork through the holidays. Sweet!

  3. LOVE #20! Praying for you & all of your 'wants'! :~)

  4. I love your wish list! I will give you # 17 for a gift. May God put His arms around you and Anna during this holiday season. Father, please give Leah and her precious daughter an extra measure of Jesus this CHRISTmas! May your love, joy and peace warm their lives. Blessings from Texas.

  5. This is the best wish list, EVER! Not focused on receiving material things, but things to minister to you - mind, body, and spirit.

    Praying for you and Anna, especially as the holiday season approaches.


  6. This is so awesome.Death and grief put things in a totally different light. May God richly bless you for your precious attitude!!! Thanksgiving time marks 3 years for me and the 9 kids and the first Christmas was the easiest.