Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Devotions

I'm curious...what does your family devotion time look like? Do you even have a family devotion time? If so, is it everyday or just a few times a week? I'm seriously curious what you do as a family (for devotions, that is)? So, leave a comment or drop me a message via Facebook, Twitter, email, space shuttle, whatever...

Can I be very transparent with you? This is an area that we've failed at miserably in the past. And...I mean miserably. We've discussed God and His Word quite often and in various devotional settings but nothing consistently. It's my heart's desire that this change in 2011.

Last year, my prayer group of gals that I meet with weekly read through and discussed the One Year Bible together. If you haven't ever done a Bible reading program with this particular Bible, I highly recommend it. It's chronological, in the way events unfolded historically, and the commentary contained within is fabulous! So, guess what? You guessed it! We're doing that as a family this year, and we're not only reading it daily in our own quiet time, but we're coming back together to discuss what we've read...point out new and interesting things we've never noticed before, etc.

If you're's not too late to start. It's really never to late start. Just jump in whenever you get your Bible and start on that day's reading. As you honor God in this way, He'll bless your socks off!

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