Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Paradise...

I love Saturdays...especially when they're spent from the comforts of my own home. Today has begun perfectly! Here's a glimpse...

God awakened me. Not the alarm clock.

I did a few of my normal morning routines...potty. scale. drink. TMI? Ha!

Then...I opened one of the blinds in the bedroom, and God's glorious morning light shown through. The sun's rays exploded on my face as I climbed back into bed and soaked in the warmth from the light He produces.

I put in the earbuds to my ipod and loaded up my favorite praise and worship tunes and simply sat back with a huge smile upon my face as I drank in thoughts of my great God. My truly magnificient, wonderful, amazingly good, merciful, compassionate, loving God.

With my spirit now in check, I opened His Word and read, studied, chewed on, and swallowed the stories of old that give me hope for today. I never tire of reading God's glory revealed through the miraculous pregnancy he gave Abraham and Sarah in their old ages of 100 and 90, respectively. I read that story every year, and each year...I'm reminded that NOTHING...NOTHING...NOTHING is impossible with the God of the universe.

I continue studying His Word a little longer, allowing the words to penetrate my heart, mind, and soul. Then, I return to the music on my ipod. God speaks to people in different ways, and there are certain avenues that create an atmosphere that allow His children to hear from Him greater than in other settings. That's how I am with my praise music. He often speaks to me through song. Today is no exception.

As He speaks to me this morning, I start whispering back to Him. Sometimes, my whispers get a little louder, but's just a whisper this morning. It's not always like this, but there are days that the sheer presence of God surrounding me can cause nothing more than a whisper to come from my lips. He overwhelms a good way!

I continue speaking to Him. He speaks back. Not audibly...just in the deep recesses of my spirit in a silent language that belongs only to Him and me. This will continue throughout the day, but nothing as sweetly as our early morning "talks".

I am so full...spiritually speaking. This is simply a little piece of paradise to me. My Saturday morning paradise.

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