Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need a Little Prayer

Hi friends!

Allow me to confess right now. I don't feel like writing today. How's that for a little honesty? I remember the last time that I did a 40-day blog writing journey that I had a slump once or twice when either I felt I had nothing to write about or just had no desire. Well...that's me today. My heart's not in it for some reason. I love sharing with you all each day. I love hearing the comments either on this platform, Facebook, Twitter, or email that I'm not writing in vain - that it's touching many of you in some way, shape, or form. That's God friends. It's certainly not me. I'm just the vessel. I love the new connections that I've made as a result of my Made to Crave journey. God is so good! But, can I ask something of you today? Will you please pray for me? I really need a special dose of prayer today. I'll share some of the requests, but please know there are others that simply need God's intervention but don't need to be shared in a public forum.

Please pray...

(1) For me to find wisdom in my "busyness". I am simply burnt out. I feel like I have no control over my own time anymore. Something has to go. I just need wisdom to know what.

(2) That I stay consistent with my "amped up" Bible study. Friends...I'm digging in the Word pretty deep lately, and want that fire to continue. Because of #1 above, I'm feeling more and more drained, and I don't want this to slip at all. God has been teaching me sooooo much.

(3) For all areas...spiritual, physical, financial, mental, and emotional.

(4) For anything else God lays on your heart to pray.

Prayer is something I'm passionate about. I never tell people I'm praying for them without actually doing it. I actually just returned from my weekly prayer group at church, and I always walk away knowing God was in our midst. Tonight was no different.

I know God is powerful. I know God can do ALL things. I know that He can meet every need I've listed above. I'm just tired and weary and need to call in some warriors to stand in the gap for me. Are you willing? Thank you - in advance!!!

Oh - one more thing...the speaking ministry that I'm part of, Speaking Thru Me Ministries (STMM) will soon have it's first free newsletter. We'd love to share it with you! If interested, please send me your email address, and I'll add you to the list! You can opt out at anytime after you start getting it if you choose to! Thanks bunches!

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  1. I said a few prayers and will continue in the coming days. I thank God for allowing me to see your site and your requests. He is working on many including myself. God is powerful and yes He meets our needs in His timing for His reasons. He is to be #1 in our life! Thank you for sharing your requests.